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Protecting electric ships with rapid DC switching

Potentially critical faults in the high-power DC powertrains increasingly found in ships, particularly ferries, must be isolated as quickly as possible to minimise damage and allow the rest of the system to continue operating as normal (writes Peter Donaldson). Key to this is the application of solid-state power electronics in the form of switches based […]

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Battery Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of battery cells in a pack is pushing the limits of technology in many ways. Increasing the accuracy and reliability of the monitoring in the hostile environment of a battery pack, at voltages of more than 800 V and fluctuating temperatures, is a considerable challenge.

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AGRO explains importance of EMC-shielded cable glands

Like most small parts in complex vehicle systems, the glands that support, seal and protect the interfaces between HV cables and the components they link rarely receive the attention that the critical nature of the functions they fulfil perhaps ought to command (writes Peter Donaldson). AGRO’s EVolution EMC cable glands are a case in point, […]

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GKN Automotive launches next-generation inverter

Drive systems supplier GKN Automotive has launched its next-generation inverter, offering OEMs what it says is the most advanced 800 V EV technology available. The inverter, one of three modular elements of GKN Automotive’s eDrive platform, offers a 20% power output increase over the previous version. In addition, power density is up by 50%, power-to-weight […]


Design unveiled for 800V inverter from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has developed a reference design for an 800 V, 11 kW three-level, three-phase inverter using gallium nitride (writes Nick Flaherty). The inverter uses a 6.6 kW active neutral-point clamped (ANPC) inverter design with a 600 V LMG3422R030 GaN FET. This enables a switching frequency of 100 kHz to reduce the size of the […]

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Brandon Fisher

Safe pair of hands Eaton’s head of HV safety systems talks to Rory Jackson about his career so far and the company’s work in the EV sector As electric powertrains move from 400 V architectures up to 800-1000 V and higher still, innovations around ensuring the safety of power distribution systems are critical to protecting […]

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Marelli launches wireless distributed battery management system

Global automotive supplier Marelli has expanded its range of battery management technologies with a new wireless distributed battery management system (wBMS). Being wireless, it eliminates the need to daisy-chain the comms and wiring between an EV’s batteries and the control unit. The company says it also reduces the amount of wiring in the harness by […]


Wireless BMS simplifies pack design

Visteon has launched a wireless BMS and added smart junction box technology to simplify battery pack designs (writes Nick Flaherty). The company has been involved in BMS development since the earliest days of EV production when it supported the 1998 Ford Ranger EV. The wireless BMS uses chips from Analog Devices to eliminate the traditional […]

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EA Elektro-Automatik introduces series of programmable DC power products

EA Elektro-Automatik, which makes DC power supplies for r&d and manufacturing, has introduced a series of EA-PS and EA-PSI programmable DC power supplies, EA-PSB bidirectional DC power supplies, and EA-ELR regenerative DC electronic loads. The 10000 series consists of more than 180 new models offering power ranges of 0-600 W and 0-30 kW. They provide […]

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Battery Show Europe 2021

Fire department Peter Donaldson reports with highlights of this show, at which ways of containing thermal runaway were at the fore If there was one theme that shone out from conversations at the Battery Show Europe and the co-located Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which took place in Stuttgart late last year, it was […]