Power Management


Wireless BMS simplifies pack design

Visteon has launched a wireless BMS and added smart junction box technology to simplify battery pack designs (writes Nick Flaherty). The company has been involved in BMS development since the earliest days of EV production when it supported the 1998 Ford Ranger EV. The wireless BMS uses chips from Analog Devices to eliminate the traditional […]

New Products

EA Elektro-Automatik introduces series of programmable DC power products

EA Elektro-Automatik, which makes DC power supplies for r&d and manufacturing, has introduced a series of EA-PS and EA-PSI programmable DC power supplies, EA-PSB bidirectional DC power supplies, and EA-ELR regenerative DC electronic loads. The 10000 series consists of more than 180 new models offering power ranges of 0-600 W and 0-30 kW. They provide […]

Show Report

Battery Show Europe 2021

Fire department Peter Donaldson reports with highlights of this show, at which ways of containing thermal runaway were at the fore If there was one theme that shone out from conversations at the Battery Show Europe and the co-located Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which took place in Stuttgart late last year, it was […]

New Products

DC-DC converters for EVs with IP67 option

Green Watt Power, a division of Powerland Technology, has launched its EVD3000 series of fully encapsulated, ruggedised DC-DC converters for EVs. They have an input range of 280 to 880 V, with output voltages of 27.5 or 48 V DC to power auxiliary EV functions such as air conditioning, lights, instruments, accessories, or to provide […]

New Products

CSM launches split HV measurement modules for confined spaces

CSM has unveiled its latest measurement technology solution for electric and hybrid vehicles where installation space is limited. Called the HV Breakout Module (BM) Split system, it provides high-frequency measurement of current, voltage and power directly in HV power cables as well as busbars. The split design allow measurements at points where there is not […]

Deep Insight


Switching is at the heart of the electrical systems for e-mobility platforms. The performance of the switching devices – the transistors – determines the power levels, the efficiency and even the size of the systems. Switching at higher frequencies reduces the size of the magnetics and allows more integration, lower weights and longer range


Dual-component power converter

Premo has developed an 11 kW power converter using its patented technology that integrates multiple magnetic components (writes Nick Flaherty). The 3DP-11KWHVHV combines a full-bridge 150 µH LLC resonant transformer and 25 µH resonant choke in a single unit. This cuts the volume of the converter by up to half, and can reduce the amount of […]


Inverter integration cuts size, weight

Texas Instruments has integrated a transformer into a gate driver to enable distributed switch architectures for inverters (writes Nick Flaherty). The UCC14240-Q1 isolated DC-DC bias supply module integrates the transformer and components with 3.5 mm-high planar magnetics to reduce the size, height and weight of a distributed power system in an inverter. The integration of […]

Focus on...

48 V systems

Potential difference Moving to power distribution networks running on 48 V looks set to confer a range of benefits to battery-electric vehicles. Nick Flaherty reports Technology based on 48 V has been adopted for electric motors and battery packs to reduce emissions in mild hybrid vehicles, but changing regulations are seeing even those being banned […]

Web exclusive

Schaltbau launches arc-quenching high-current DC contactors

Switching large direct currents safely and responsively is a critical task in EV drive systems, requiring electromagnetically controlled contactors that extinguish the unwanted arcs that inevitably form between the main contacts when they open (writes Peter Donaldson). Drawing on almost a century’s experience in the railway industry, German company Schaltbau is addressing this issue by […]