Power Management


Device reads LV and HV in one go

A 45 V high-withstand voltage battery monitoring device for automotive designs has implemented a supply voltage-divided output for the first time (writes Nick Flaherty). Dividing battery monitoring between high- and low-voltage sources increases the safety of e-mobility designs, as it allows 12 V batteries to be monitored by the same device that monitors the low […]

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Silver Power Systems and partners develop ‘world’s most advanced’ battery digital twin

An established concept in other areas of industry, a digital twin is a high-fidelity software model of a real system to which it is linked in as close to real time as possible. With that goal in mind, EV battery analytics specialist Silver Power Systems (SPS) has partnered with Imperial College London and vehicle manufacturers London EV Company (LEVC) and JSCA (the r&d division of the Watt Electric Vehicle Company) on the recently completed Real-Time Electrical Digital Twin Operating Platform (REDTOP) project. REDTOP has resulted in what is said to be the world’s most advanced battery digital twin, one that can predict battery lifetime. SPS’ programme manager Liam Mifsud says, “To really understand a battery’s state of health and predict its future performance you need to know its history, how it has been charged and discharged and so on.”

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Validating BMS performance

Battery management systems are becoming increasingly safety-critical, as they are responsible for balancing battery cells operating at several hundred volts and maintaining temperatures within narrow working ranges to prevent thermal runaway (writes Peter Donaldson). Gauging the performance of a BMS during r&d, validation, verification and production is therefore of vital and growing importance. Bloomy Controls’ new Flex BMS Validation System is focused on the validation part, particularly in situations where the developer needs to test more than one BMS design.

New Products

Eaton announces fuses for high-powered EVs

Power management company Eaton’s e-mobility division has introduced a new line of Bussmann fuses called the EVK series. The company says they meet the requirements for use in the latest high-powered EVs with ratings of up to 1000 VDC and 600 A. The fuses are designed to manage and protect the charging systems of electric commercial, […]


Cell test systems do double duty

EA Elektro-Automatik in Germany has launched a series of bidirectional DC power supplies and regenerative DC loads for testing fuel cell stacks (writes Nick Flaherty). Fuel cells are characterised by determining their electrical resistance, and the performance is usually indicated via polarisation curves by measuring the voltage and current. A durability test after a fuel […]


Candela C-7 speedboat

Hydrofoiling gives this serial production boat high speed and long endurance. Rory Jackson examines the engineering decisions behind its design


Irizar Group ie truck

Rory Jackson investigates the development of this electric/hybrid refuse truck, which is already operating in various European countries. Developing heavy EVs for urban applications, where regulations on emissions and noise are the strictest of any operating environment, requires a wealth of research...

Deep Insight

Vehicle-to-grid charging

Although bidirectional charging for EVs remains a niche technology, writes Nick Flaherty, progress on its uptake is being made. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging is an appealing technology, as it enables EV batteries to be used as part of the electricity grid to even out demand. For example, electric car owners could charge their...

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DC-DC converters

Peter Donaldson investigates the technology that underpins these essential voltage switching devices. In modern pure electric and hybrid vehicles, battery voltages of 300- 400 V is becoming common, 600 V is gaining ground and 800 V systems are starting to emerge, all to help produce more power yet keep...


Workhorse Group C-Series

Rory Jackson details the development of these electric delivery vans, which have been designed and built from the ground up. The Workhorse Group designs and builds battery-electric medium-duty trucks, and earlier this year it started production of its C-Series vans...