Power Management


All-in-one unit for heavy-duty EVs

Bel Fuse has developed a 20 kW power conversion unit for heavy-duty EV designs (writes Nick Flaherty). The BCV200-700-8 combines a 15 kW bidirectional inverter-charger, a 4 kW 12 V


Hall effect sensors include simulator

Melexis has launched two types of Hall current sensor for e-mobility power systems, along with an online simulation tool (writes Nick Flaherty). The MLX91230

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Equipmake’s ZED system for buses set to enter service

Developing heavy-duty powertrains for integrating into electric passenger buses is fundamentally different from other EV applications, owing to their unique drive cycles and weight-carrying considerations, and their dramatically different HVAC requirements (writes Rory Jackson). Unlike other EVs, an electric bus can expend as much energy on heating and cooling its cabin interior as it does […]


BMW opts into series hydrogen

BMW has started series production of electric powertrains based on hydrogen fuel cells, in a major step forward for the technology (writes Nick Flaherty). Previous production has been for prototype and test vehicles, using fuel cell technology developed in-house. BMW’s hydrogen powertrain will now be used in the company’s iX5 Hydrogen, which will be built […]

New Products

Eaton introduces battery pack vent valve for EVs

Power management company Eaton’s eMobility business has introduced a single-stage vent valve for EV batteries. The valve acts as an over-pressure relief for the vehicle’s pack. The valve’s resealing technology allows customers to specify very low opening pressures and testing for 100% functionality compared with the conventional burst-valve technology commonly used in the market at […]

New Products

New AWS3 pneumatic active welding system from Amada

Amada Weld Tech Europe has announced the release of its new AWS3 pneumatic active welding system, which combines pneumatic weld heads and weld pincers with an inverter weld controller. The system unifies process control, monitoring and quality analysis, which the company says makes it ideal for welding applications in electronics, medical engineering and automotive sectors. […]


System-level approach to NVH models

Complex interactions between electric powertrain components provide significant challenges in accurately predicting the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance of a design when using high level system-level models (writes Nick Flaherty). The models can help reduce the cost and development time, but the underlying interaction of the component-level simulations needs to be understood to achieve […]

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Protecting electric ships with rapid DC switching

Potentially critical faults in the high-power DC powertrains increasingly found in ships, particularly ferries, must be isolated as quickly as possible to minimise damage and allow the rest of the system to continue operating as normal (writes Peter Donaldson). Key to this is the application of solid-state power electronics in the form of switches based […]

Focus on...

Battery Monitoring

Sophisticated technologies are becoming necessary for faster monitoring of cell behaviour. Nick Flaherty reports Monitoring the performance of battery cells in a pack is pushing the limits of technology in many ways.

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AGRO explains importance of EMC-shielded cable glands

Like most small parts in complex vehicle systems, the glands that support, seal and protect the interfaces between HV cables and the components they link rarely receive the attention that the critical nature of the functions they fulfil perhaps ought to command (writes Peter Donaldson). AGRO’s EVolution EMC cable glands are a case in point, […]