Liebherr ETM Series

Developing these all-electric cement mixer trucks has meant blending the bespoke with the off­-the-shelf. Rory Jackson reports. The conventional cement truck is a diesel-powered vehicle that spends much of each working day at a standstill. However, whether it is having concrete...

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Peter Donaldson canvasses some Tier 1 suppliers’ views on contemporary e-axle technology and the likely future trends in their design. Integrating a motor, gearing and power electronics into a compact, modular package that sits between a vehicle’s driven wheels creates a system that has come to be known as an e-axle. It is an increasingly attractive option for...


John Deere 944k Hybrid Wheel Loader

Peter Donaldson reports on the design and development of this bulk material mover, the first in its class to become commercially available. In construction and mining, wheel loaders move material in bulk, often scooping it from piles with a bucket and then lifting and dumping it into a truck or crusher. Most are powered by diesel engines coupled to...


Phi-Power PHI301 axial flux motor

Lawrence Butcher investigates the technology and engineering behind this compact but powerful motor design. Something of the new kid on the block in the world of electric machines is the axial flux motor. It is a topology which in recent years has seen increased adoption in many e-mobility applications, with the arrival of..