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Marelli wins contract to supply BMS to major EV carmaker

Marelli has been awarded a contract to supply a BMS for the small-to-medium battery EVs of a major global carmaker. Marelli will provide both the hardware and the boot loader software of the BMS for the segment A, B and C vehicles. The system will be developed and tested by Marelli Electric Powertrain teams in […]


Quantum leap for cell current tests

Researchers in Japan have used a quantum sensor with a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity to measure the current in a battery pack more accurately than traditional techniques (writes Nick Flaherty). The team, from Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, took a quantum sensor built from artificial diamond […]

New Products

REE Automotive Names Microvast as battery pack supplier for its commercial EVs

Lithium-ion battery maker Microvast Holdings and EV platform supplier REE Automotive have signed a supply and purchase agreement. Under its terms, Microvast will provide its MV-C Gen 4 HpCO lithium-ion battery packs for REE’s EV platforms. The packs can be fully charged in 30 minutes. Their pouch cells in the MV-C Gen 4 provide 53.5 […]

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In conversation: Matt Faulks

Hypercars to HGVs Viritech’s CTO tells Rory Jackson how fuel cell developments for its Apricale hypercar will feed into its upcoming heavy goods vehicles Anyone who works in electrified and low-carbon automotive engineering should remember that developing solutions to the zero-emissions challenge is not a zero-sum game. Just as solar, wind, tidal and nuclear power […]


Rugged packs from standard module

Proventia has launched a modular rugged battery pack for off-road construction equipment (writes Nick Flaherty). The ePRO500+ platform uses lithium titanate oxide (LTO) cells from Toshiba with different versions for high power at 20 Ah or high energy delivery at 26 Ah, both with a nominal voltage from 48 to 800 V. The high-power, 552 […]

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Webasto system boosts the performance of traction batteries

Webasto has launched a compact and scalable thermal management solution called the eBTM, which it says increases the performance and service life of traction batteries in electric vehicles and machines. It allows continuous monitoring of the operating temperature to ensure that the heating and cooling circuits are balanced in order to maintain the battery temperature […]

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Researchers gain insights into improving lithium-ion cells

A team of scientists from the US, Canada and Germany (led by researchers at Texas A&M University, TAMU) have combined novel imaging techniques and large data sets to try to gain a better understanding of why lithium-ion energy storage systems fail, and hence how they can be improved (writes Rory Jackson). A key focal point […]

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Battery testing

The inside story  Nick Flaherty explains the various non-invasive methods of analysing the workings  of battery cells and their materials Testing battery cells, modules and packs presents a series of challenges. First of these is that taking measurements of the current and voltage changes the state of charge (SoC) of the cell and has an […]


High-power modular EV cell cycler

NI has launched a battery cycler that supports testing packs with a power of up to 150 kW (writes Nick Flaherty). The High Power System (HPS) 17000, NI’s highest voltage cycler at 1500 V, is modular to support existing EV architectures while leaving room for future higher-voltage variants. It is used to analyse battery function […]


Thermal elastics extend cell lifetimes

Dow has launched a range of thermal elastic high-bonding adhesives to improve safety, sustainability and integrated assembly of EV battery packs (writes Nick Flaherty). The Voratron MA 8200S adhesives are aimed at bonding cells with insulating bottom shells, upper cover plates and side plate stiffeners, including bottom high-bonding adhesives, upper cover high-bonding adhesives, and side panel […]