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Turntide introduces new modular battery pack for off-highway vehicles

Turntide Technologies has announced the launch of the Turntide lithium-ion NMC battery pack. It offers a scalable modular design with greater energy density in a lighter, smaller form factor than the previous Hyperdrive battery line.

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Forsee Power launches ZEN LFP battery system for heavy vehicles

Forsee Power is launching a new high-energy battery system, ZEN LFP, to provide full-day operations to electric buses, trucks, and off-highway vehicles. The ZEN LFP battery system – available in 36 kWh and 55 kWh modules– has been developed by Forsee Power's R&D engineers and will be manufactured in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

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Potenza Technology announces latest battery management system

Electric and hybrid-electric vehicle systems developer Potenza Technology has unveiled its fifth-generation BMS. The system is fully compliant with ISO 26262 ASIL C. It is compatible with 400 and 800 V battery systems, which can be configured at an application level to enable OEMs to maximise its effectiveness for each use case, from commercial vehicles to hypercars.


Squaring the circular economy

Anyone who has been to a vehicle scrapyard will know that recovery of components and reuse of materials has long been part of the automotive industry. However, today the focus on the circular economy is sharpening and the cradle-to-grave concept of a product’s

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Xing Mobility releases cell-to-pack immersion-cooled battery

Xing Mobility has announced the official release of its Immersio cell-to-pack battery, which uses high-nickel cathode cylindrical lithium-ion cells. Xing describes the Immersio as a flexible pack concept that can be customised for various applications, such as sedan/saloon and commercial vehicles, trucks, sportscars and SUVs. It offers an energy density of up to 200 Wh/kg and a fast-charge capability of less than 15 minutes, from 20 to 80% SoC.

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Landmark moment as Scania’s battery assembly starts operations

Historic moment for Scania as its battery assembly at the Swedish headquarters in Södertälje is inaugurated. The start of operations at the new plant enables serial production of heavy-duty premium electric vehicles.

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The Battery Show announces keynotes Albemarle and PowerCo

The Battery Show North America reveals Eric Norris, President of the Lithium Global Business Unit at Albemarle and Sebastian Wolf, Chief Operating Officer of PowerCo, as keynotes for the annual show to focus discussion on generating sustainable battery lifecycles.


BMS measures cells in real time

Rather than using algorithms that model the expected performance of battery cells, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measures the current from each individual cell using random pulses to avoid overheating the cell.

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The Battery Show North America returns to Novi

The Battery Show is returning to the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan on Sept. 11-14 with more than 775 exhibitors and over 72 hours of education available across the three-day expo.

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Lithium iron phosphate batteries

Developments in LFP technology are making it a serious rival to lithium-ion for e-mobility, as Nick Flaherty explains Lithium-ion batteries have some disadvantages for e-mobility that cannot be ignored, such as lower safety and higher cost than other chemistries. At the same time, improvements in battery pack technology in recent...