Developing a new EV on a pre-existing skateboard-type platform offers benefits in terms of the associated times and costs of development cycles. As previously discussed in this publication, altering the wheelbase of a typical car or truck design by 12-15 cm can entail making so many modifications to the transmission...

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Henkel discusses developments in battery materials

As with most areas of engineering, advanced materials are essential to achieving the energy density, power density, safety and reliability goals for EV battery systems, as well as sustainability-related targets in repair, reuse, repurposing and – collectively known as re-X...


Better eVTOL landings

Battery-powered manned eVTOL aircraft intended to operate to and from urban vertiports have a sharply limited energy budget, so designing energy-efficient flight profiles for them is obviously important – and if those profiles can also improve passenger comfort and safety at the same time, so much the better

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LIQUI MOLY develops liquid thermal manager for electric car batteries

LIQUI MOLY develops liquid thermal manager for electric car batteries The automotive chemical specialist is expanding its range for all-electric vehicles with Battery Coolant EV 200 Special drives require special solutions. This is definitely the case with all...


Fast charging by crystal seedling

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a high-capacity lithium metal battery that can charge in as little as an hour (writes Nick Flaherty). The fast charging is enabled by using lithium metal crystals that can be seeded, and grown quickly and uniformly on a substrate that is different from the traditional […]

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WAE launches mass-market battery intelligence software

WAE Technologies (WAE) has launched a battery intelligence software package called Elysia, which is designed to improve the life, safety, usable energy, power and rapid charging times of any battery system. It is the first mass-market software offering from WAE, and features embedded and cloud-based products to provide the ability to manage, optimise and enhance […]

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Kia starts building facility for electric purpose-built vehicle production

Kia has broken ground in preparation for its dedicated plant for producing battery-electric purpose-built vehicles (PBVs).

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Anode materials

Anode materials suppliers are pouring resources into improving the performance of EV cells. Carbon, in the form of graphite, is the mainstay of the current generation of lithium-ion batteries for e-mobility.

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Henkel explains its battery fire-resistant coatings process

Whether EVs are more likely to catch fire than IC-engined vehicles is uncertain, as small sample sizes make reliable statistical comparisons difficult

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Flexible battery management systems

BMS developers are offering products that are compatible with the growing range of OEM vehicle models. The trend for battery management systems