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Supercapacitor applications

Although batteries and supercapacitors both store electrical energy, they do so in very different ways that bestow them with complementary characteristics. In a nutshell, batteries store energy chemically and offer high energy density (measured in Wh/litre) while supercapacitors store energy in electric fields and offer high power density, measured in kW/litre.

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Novus urban e-bike nears production

With an initial price of around €30,000, the Novus e-bike is aimed at people who want to make a statement about their embrace of ‘green’ technology rather than those who simply need practical urban transport (writes Peter Donaldson). However, the 30 kW, 400 Nm, 85 kg, all-composite two-wheeler, which was on display at the Battery […]


InoBat Auto

Rapid development of innovative new cell technologies and a focus on tailoring chemistries to maximise the effectiveness of individual applications are at the heart of InoBat Auto’s approach to EV battery development.

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Everrati launches new division for high-end customers

Everrati has announced a new division dedicated to specialist and luxury low-volume EV design and manufacture for third-party commercial customers. The division, Everrati Advanced Technologies (EAT), will provide specialist and luxury vehicle customers ranging from start-ups to established brands with any level of electrification support, from concept to complete turnkey vehicle solutions. The company says […]

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Protecting electric ships with rapid DC switching

Potentially critical faults in the high-power DC powertrains increasingly found in ships, particularly ferries, must be isolated as quickly as possible to minimise damage and allow the rest of the system to continue operating as normal (writes Peter Donaldson). Key to this is the application of solid-state power electronics in the form of switches based […]

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Battery Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of battery cells in a pack is pushing the limits of technology in many ways. Increasing the accuracy and reliability of the monitoring in the hostile environment of a battery pack, at voltages of more than 800 V and fluctuating temperatures, is a considerable challenge.


SABIC cube cells pack more energy

Engineers at materials firm SABIC have patented a design for a battery pack using cuboidal cells (writes Nick Flaherty). The cells are inserted into a structural backbone made from a thermoplastic, and could increase battery pack energy density by 20% or more, with 10% more cells compared to a pack using cylindrical cells , along with […]

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VARTA and Breathe Battery Technologies combine to cut VARTA’s Easy Blade battery charging time

Battery manufacturer VARTA has partnered with Breathe Battery Technologies (BBT), which develops battery enhancement software, to cut the charging time of VARTA’s Easy Blade batteries and increase the amount of energy that can be stored in the cells. BBT’s Breathe Charge charging software has been applied to the lithium-ion based VARTA Easy Blade 48 V […]


Battery swapping, and the alternatives

Whether you drive a single battery EV or operate a fleet of them, ensuring there is enough energy in the battery to complete the job in hand is bound to be a major concern (writes Peter Donaldson). The fact that there are different ways of charging, and that many vehicles can use more than one […]

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CATL launches cell-to-pack battery and claims highest integration level so far

CATL has announced Qilin, the third generation of its cell-to-pack technology dubbed CTP 3.0. The company says it gives a volume utilisation efficiency of 72% and an energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg, to deliver a range of more than 1000 km. In the Qilin, which is named after a legendary creature in Chinese […]