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Finnish miner to supply Renault with sustainable battery chemicals

In early October, Terrafame announced a deal with Renault in which the Finnish mining company and battery chemicals producer is to supply the car manufacturer with low-carbon and fully traceable nickel sulphate for EV batteries

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Multi-parameter sensor gives early warning of thermal runaway

Metis Engineering has announced the production version of its Battery Safety Sensor, a CAN-based device designed to detect a lithium-ion cell venting, an early sign of catastrophic EV battery failure.

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Battery vent protects against rapid rises in pressure

As the battery pack is the single heaviest and costliest component of an EV drivetrain, weight reductions in the pack pay dividends in terms of range as well as performance and handling. One of the ways battery manufacturers are looking to reduce weight is to produce packs with thinner walls, which means that they must operate at lower internal pressures and with those pressures carefully controlled.

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Moke goes all-electric

Moke International has announced the introduction of the all-electric Moke. It is replacing the IC-engined version, which after January 1 will no longer be available. Its three-phase AC synchronous 44 hp motor and rear-wheel direct drive are said to allow it to reach 55 kph (34 mph) in 4.5 seconds, and then on to a […]

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Balance Batteries shares details about its range of modules

Balance Batteries, a new Tier 2 supplier of battery modules, recently unveiled its energy storage solutions and spoke with us exclusively to highlight the technologies used in them – some of which are supplied externally, and some developed in-house

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Momentive expands its range of liquid silicone rubbers for e-mobility

Momentive Performance Materials has added two new liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) to its materials portfolio. It says the LSRs, NL9360 and NL9330, are particularly suitable for dissipating high temperatures from sensitive components, for example in the drive system or charging management of EVs. Momentive has also announced a new low-temperature cure (LTC) LSR that cross-links […]


Cell test systems do double duty

EA Elektro-Automatik in Germany has launched a series of bidirectional DC power supplies and regenerative DC loads for testing fuel cell stacks (writes Nick Flaherty). Fuel cells are characterised by determining their electrical resistance, and the performance is usually indicated via polarisation curves by measuring the voltage and current. A durability test after a fuel […]

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Williams Advanced Engineering and Molicell team up for high-power battery applications

In mid-August, Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and Molicell announced a strategic collaboration centred on lithium-ion batteries optimised for power density rather than energy density, and with applications in sectors including automotive and mining, as senior commercial manager for battery technology at WAE James Hoxey explains to Peter Donaldson. “Our strategic collaboration enables us to focus […]

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Seals and sealants perform a host of unsung but vital functions. Peter Donaldson explains the different types, their uses and the materials they are made from


Candela C-7 speedboat

Hydrofoiling gives this serial production boat high speed and long endurance. Rory Jackson examines the engineering decisions behind its design