Software predicts future cell health

A machine learning algorithm could help reduce charging times and prolong battery life in EVs by predicting how different driving patterns affect battery performance (writes Nick Flaherty). Researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK developed a non-invasive impedance-based approach to get accurate data on the state of health (SOH) of a battery. The […]

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Sea Li-ion project sets out aims for electrifying ports

While many shipowners are considering battery power for propulsion, what is holding them back is the availability of shore-side power, the slow speed of charging and the capacity for it. The Sea Li-ion project has therefore been set up to address the knowledge gaps in battery use for ship propulsion. The EU-funded project has now […]

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EV battery supply chain problems not all doom and gloom

Although global demand for new EVs is strong, the whole industry is still being disrupted by factors including the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on supply chains, sanctions in response to the war in Ukraine, and inflation (writes Peter Donaldson). At September’s Battery Show in Novi, Michigan, LMC Automotive’s senior manager, powertrain forecasting, Kevin Riddell, […]


Modified anodes boost cell cycling

Researchers in South Korea have developed a new method of modifying conventional anodes to improve the cycling performance of a battery cell (writes Nick Flaherty). The team, at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, used a layer of graphene oxide – a single atomic layer of carbon – on a silicon anode to prevent […]

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Automated battery manufacturing

Just push the button Cutting-edge research and prototype factories are helping to advance the automation of EV component manufacturing, writes Nick Flaherty Some car makers have had fully automated assembly of vehicles for many years, and EV makers are looking to achieve this ‘lights out’ approach, but with added issues for the assembly of lithium-ion […]

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Partners unveil automated battery pack assembly line

Adhesive tape manufacturer tesa, bonding machinery manufacturer Vulkan Technic, and construction machinery manufacturer Liebherr have announced a partnership to develop a fully automated assembly line for battery packs. Tesa is contributing its ACX 76730 Box Seal adhesive application, Vulkan Technic is delivering the appropriate application concept, and Liebherr is responsible for implementing the production process. […]


Solid-state cell with 3-minute charge

Researchers in the US have developed a solid-state lithium metal battery for use in future EVs that would fully charge in as little as 3 minutes (writes Nick Flaherty). The technology, which has a lifetime of 10,000 cycles, has been licensed by Harvard University to Adden Energy to scale up to pouch and then prismatic […]

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Sodium Batteries

Research into sodium-ion batteries (NIBs) began in the 1970s and ’80s but was overtaken by lithium-ion battery (LIB) research in the 1990s. However, NIBs have recently re-emerged as a potential sustainable and less expensive alternative to LIBs as the demand for lithium drives up its cost, and there is growing concern over the safety of LIB cells, which can be prone to short-circuits and thermal runaway.

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Equipmake’s ZED system for buses set to enter service

Developing heavy-duty powertrains for integrating into electric passenger buses is fundamentally different from other EV applications, owing to their unique drive cycles and weight-carrying considerations, and their dramatically different HVAC requirements (writes Rory Jackson). Unlike other EVs, an electric bus can expend as much energy on heating and cooling its cabin interior as it does […]

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Coherent announces integration of laser welding head vision system for EV battery and motor manufacturing

Coherent has unveiled HIGHvision, a machine vision system for laser-welding heads that it says greatly improves the efficiency of manufacturing EV batteries and motors. HIGHvision is a turnkey system consisting of machine vision hardware and software that enables laser welding heads to align to software-defined features on the workpiece in milliseconds and with high accuracy. […]