Bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery for 2021 Toyota Aqua

Toyota’s new Acqua compact HEV comes with a bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery, a world first for a road vehicle according to the Japanese automotive giant (writes Peter Donaldson). Conventional non-bipolar nickel-hydrogen batteries have a much lower energy density than lithium-ion versions but much longer service lives. Compared with the nickel-hydrogen battery in the previous-generation Aqua, says […]


Solid-state batteries will be big in EVs – eventually

The promise of much safer electrolytes makes solid-state batteries attractive for EVs, particularly passenger cars, and EVs are expected to be their biggest single market (writes Peter Donaldson). However, the technology is far from mature and several challenges remain, according to Dr Xiaoxi He, principal technology analyst at IdTechEx, which has published an in-depth report […]

New Products

High-voltage breakout module needs no power meters or current transformers

Measurement and data technology company CSM has unveiled a new HV breakout module designed to meet the international safety standards required for the use of equipment in HV applications on EVs. The company says it simplifies the instrumentation, improves accuracy and reduces costs compared with systems that have not designed for in-vehicle use.  When combined […]

New Products

Sono Motors’ Sion gets more powerful battery with greater range

Munich-based mobility provider Sono Motors has announced it will use a more powerful, 54 kWh, battery for use in its Sion solar EV. The new LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery extends the vehicle’s total range by up to 305 km and its maximum charging power by up to 75 kW. The additional range provided by […]

New Products

GM to use US lithium for next-generation EV batteries through closed-loop process

General Motors has agreed to form a strategic investment and commercial collaboration with Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) to secure local and low-cost lithium. The lithium will be produced using a closed-loop, direct extraction process that results in a smaller physical footprint, no production tailings and lower CO2 emissions than traditional processes such as pit mining […]


Electrolyte detection outs cell leaks

Cell leakage in lithium ion batteries is bad news, so battery makers want to find any that happen during manufacture or assembly so their quality control teams can prevent early failures and minimise warranty costs, while drivers need confidence, safety and low servicing costs. Sandra Seitz from vacuum analysis and test instrument specialists Inficon explained […]


Lightning Strike electric motorcycle

Stewart Mitchell explains how this road-going machine was developed to take on the ICE competition – at a competitive price. Lightning Motorcycles is an all-electric motorcycle manufacturer that produces the LS-218 ‘superbike’ and the more affordable Strike, which is pitched head-on against gasoline-powered alternatives. Founder of the San Jose, California company Richard Hatfield says...

Show Report

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018

Rory Jackson reports on some of the latest developments in maritime propulsion technology that were on show at this pre-eminent exhibition. Taking place in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is the largest aquatic propulsion trade show in the world. This year’s event was the biggest yet...

Focus on...

Battery Safety

The EV battery industry offers a variety of ways to minimise the hazards they can pose, as Peter Donaldson explains. Proximity to large amounts of energy has always presented hazards, but people have mostly learned to live with them and enjoy its benefits. However, being close to a high-energy electrochemical system such as a 100 kWh battery is still...


Irizar Group ie truck

Rory Jackson investigates the development of this electric/hybrid refuse truck, which is already operating in various European countries. Developing heavy EVs for urban applications, where regulations on emissions and noise are the strictest of any operating environment, requires a wealth of research...