Thermal management


Graphene-free liquid cooling

Researchers at Samsung have developed a design for a liquid-cooled thermal management system (TMS) for large lithium-ion battery packs (writes Nick Flaherty). They first built a coupled 3D electrochemical/thermal model of a battery pack that avoids the use of materials such as graphene. Simulation showed that it is the contact resistance that has the greatest impact on the pack’s thermal performance, and the temperature performance across the pack could be determined from a single cell.

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Parker Lord expands CoolTherm portfolio of thermally conductive materials

The Parker Lord Assembly and Protection Solutions Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, a leader in motion and control technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of three new products specifically designed for electric vehicle battery systems. With a focus on collaboration, customer service and high quality, Parker Lord provides innovative solutions that meet the design, safety and performance requirements of battery manufacturers.

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Tecman unveils high-volume anti-thermal propagation pad process

Materials engineering firm Tecman says it has developed a process that for the first time enables high-volume continuous manufacture of framed Anti-Thermal Propagation (ATP) pads. ATP pads are a type of cell barrier that incorporate a physical built-in spacer that surrounds the insulation pad.

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ViscoTec announces flow monitor for analysing process-related viscosity pressures

In the future, users who operate a stand-alone dispenser can monitor and evaluate their pressures in the dosing process. This is made possible by the flowplus-MONITOR QC analysis unit, which can be used flexibly thanks to its two channels...

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Increasingly important in multiple applications in vehicles of all kinds, adhesives are central to the assembly of batteries, power electronics and motors used in EVs. Current development efforts are focused in areas such as ease of use in volume manufacturing as the EV industry gears up for mass...

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Marelli announces new integrated thermal management module for EVs

Marelli has launched its new integrated Thermal Management Module (iTMM) for EVs, which allows the vehicle's different thermal circuits to be combined into a single component. While EVs generally have a number of heat exchangers, each with a sole function, the iTMM modularises water-cooled heat exchangers such as the chiller or water-cooled condenser using a smart valve arrangement. The valve manages up to...

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PREMO’s BCBM-50KW-001 Module for Air-Cooled EV Charging Stations

At the heart of Premo’s innovation lies a compact 50KW transformer set meticulously engineered to meet the demanding power requirements of modern EVs. Housed within a sleek 300 x 174 x 100 mm aluminium casing, this high-performance transformer boasts remarkable efficiency, delivering power with over 99% efficiency. This exceptional efficiency ensures minimal power loss, reducing […]

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Henkel launches a new injectable thermally conductive adhesive for EV battery systems

As a global leader in automotive adhesives, sealants, thermal materials and functional coatings, Henkel Adhesive Technologies is dedicated to help solve the challenges of OEMs and battery manufacturers to accelerate the transition toward zero-emission...

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Bostik and Polytec PT launch new thermal conductive adhesives

Bostik and Polytec PT are launching a new range of thermal conductive adhesives (TCAs) for thermal management in the latest cell-to-pack battery designs for e-mobility solutions...

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LIQUI MOLY develops liquid thermal manager for electric car batteries

LIQUI MOLY develops liquid thermal manager for electric car batteries The automotive chemical specialist is expanding its range for all-electric vehicles with Battery Coolant EV 200 Special drives require special solutions. This is definitely the case with all...