Thermal management

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Technical Services discusses benefits of high-voltage thermal management

There are big, system-level energy savings to be made in thermal management by switching high-power components such as pumps and fans to higher voltages (writes Peter Donaldson).   Technical Services should know. It is the UK-based European technical partner of US electric pump and fan manufacturer EMP, handling application engineering for OEMs. Its sales and […]

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Flextem’s PTC heating films for batteries

Heating is as important as cooling in the thermal management of battery packs, since lithium-ion batteries need to be held within the temperature range specified by the cell manufacturer if they are to operate safely and efficiently, and achieve their maximum service life (writes Peter Donaldson). Efficient, self-regulating positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters constitute an […]

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RAMPF Group’s battery production materials and processing technologies

To be competitive in global markets, ultra-fast production processes are essential. That is also true for the manufacture of batteries, for which RAMPF Group has developed polymers for sealing, casting and thermal management, as well as dispensing and automation systems. RAMPF uses epoxy, silicone and polyurethane polymers for sealing, casting and thermal management solutions for […]

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HVAC Systems

While most drivers of IC-engined vehicles are vaguely aware that running the air conditioning increases fuel consumption, such is the energy density of petrol and diesel that it has rarely been a major concern, although with fuel prices at record highs that is changing rapidly. Similarly, IC engines produce so much waste heat that drawing upon it to warm up the cabin on a cold day has a negligible effect on fuel burn.


Wax works well for conducting heat

Researchers in the US and China have developed an economic but efficient battery thermal management strategy using paraffin wax (writes Nick Flaherty). The 3D, interconnected, thermally conductive boron nitride network greatly improves thermal conductivity compared to random distribution. “We designed a 3D network of boron nitride, and systematically studied its effect on the thermal management […]

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AGRO explains importance of EMC-shielded cable glands

Like most small parts in complex vehicle systems, the glands that support, seal and protect the interfaces between HV cables and the components they link rarely receive the attention that the critical nature of the functions they fulfil perhaps ought to command (writes Peter Donaldson). AGRO’s EVolution EMC cable glands are a case in point, […]


Green-G ecarry

We investigate this custom-built EV for collecting refuse in the narrow streets of older town and cities The dangers of excess CO2, NOX and other greenhouse gases from refuse and freight trucks in populated urban centres makes it imperative to electrify such traditionally diesel-hungry vehicles.


Components keep their cool in 3D

A feasibility study has examined the use of over-moulding to create 3D electronic components with high thermal conductivity (writes Nick Flaherty). The project, at Sobaplast in Germany, uses the Keratherm MT 103 and MT 320 injection moulding materials from Kerafol on circuit board samples at temperatures that did not compromise the components on the board […]

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Battery Show Europe 2021

Fire department Peter Donaldson reports with highlights of this show, at which ways of containing thermal runaway were at the fore If there was one theme that shone out from conversations at the Battery Show Europe and the co-located Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which took place in Stuttgart late last year, it was […]


Cool SiC inverters move

Researchers at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have been working with heavy-duty equipment maker John Deere on a new thermal management system for SiC inverters (writes Nick Flaherty). Equipment such as trucks and construction machines account for 39% of greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, so there has been a focus on […]