Thermal management

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Tecman launch successful ATP technology into Europe

Tecman, a UK based advanced materials engineering business that supply thermal management technology to leading automotive OEMs, announced plans to launch its ATP technology into Europe on the first day of The Battery Show in Stuttgart

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Vibracoustic optimises bundling of thermal car components

Vibracoustic has designed, developed and tested its innovative Thermal Management Decoupling System, which supports and isolates the co-located thermal technologies commonly used in next-generation battery electric vehicles (EVs).

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Thermal runaway prevention

Peter Donaldson speaks to experts who are working on cell design and chemistry to avoid thermal runaway Protection from thermal runaway in an electric vehicle (EV) battery requires a holistic solution that affects every aspect of the pack’s design and operation. The consensus seems to be that protection options are limited to prevention and mitigation rather than stopping a runaway once it has started.

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Wevo-Chemie prevents leakage during immersion cooling

Immersion cooling is an innovative technology being researched as a solution for cooling electric vehicle batteries, but one challenge is the need to prevent leakage. With this in mind, Wevo-Chemie has developed polyurethane-based products especially optimised with respect to their thixotropy.

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Bosch chooses DELO adhesives for mild-hybrid system

With 48 V batteries able to reduce vehicle carbon emissions by up to 15%, Bosch offers manufacturers a powerful solution with its mild-hybrid battery. An adhesive from DELO plays a substantial role in its integration.

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Thermal Management Expo North America opens in April

The flagship event of the global Thermal Management Expo portfolio, Thermal Management Expo North America is a unique, free-to-attend exhibition and conference that connects senior engineers and key decision-makers with suppliers specialising in thermal systems and materials. Co-located with Ceramics Expo, the event will take place from April 29 to May 1, at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, USA.

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Tests find Metis battery sensor detects thermal runaway faster than others

Metis Engineering has shared details of a publication by Sandia National Laboratories in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Tests found the Cell Guard sensor detected a thermal runaway incident seven minutes faster than other reported evaluations.

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Webasto High Voltage Heaters offer speed, efficiency and battery optimisation

Webasto offers three electric High Voltage Heaters (HVH) with 10-12 kW of power for electric cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery and special vehicles. The adjustable HVH 100 Compact, HVH 100 Compact+ and HVH 120 heaters are no

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Immersive cooling

Nick Flaherty explains the advantages of immersion cooling and the various forms that approach can take Immersive cooling can significantly improve the performance of e-mobility powertrain designs, allowing higher charging and discharging rates and extending the life of battery packs by keeping the temperature of battery cells under much tighter control.

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Phase change materials

Phase change materials offer intriguing possibilities in the thermal management of EV powertrains as Nick Flaherty explains Phase-change materials (PCMs) are known for their superior latent heat capacity, acting as heat absorbers without notable temperature increases. This property can be used in many different ways throughout the powertrain of e-mobility systems, from enhancing the heat transfer in the power electronics to cooling the entire battery pack