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Moke goes all-electric

Moke International has announced the introduction of the all-electric Moke. It is replacing the IC-engined version, which after January 1 will no longer be available. Its three-phase AC synchronous 44 hp motor and rear-wheel direct drive are said to allow it to reach 55 kph (34 mph) in 4.5 seconds, and then on to a […]

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Fast-charging systems boost for UK motorways

In a much-needed push to enable greater uptake of EVs across the UK, charging systems manufacturer Kempower has been selected by UK-based Osprey Charging to supply fast DC charger infrastructure for more than 150 charging hubs due to open nationwide by 2025 (writes Rory Jackson). 1500 units of Kempower’s charging systems will be delivered as […]

New Products

ABB launches ‘world’s fastest’ electric car charger

ABB has launched an all-in-one EV charger, which it says is the fastest on the market. The Terra 360 is a modular charger that can simultaneously charge up to four vehicles. It has a maximum output of 360 kW, and ABB says it is capable of fully charging any EV in 15 minutes or less. […]

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Wireless Charging

With agreement on an SAE standard for wireless charging systems set to herald their wider roll-out, Nick Flaherty reports on developments in the technology. The technology for wireless charging of e-mobility systems has reached a critical point. With the SAE J2954 standard now agreed for consumer EVs...

New Products

Bosch does away with the ‘charging brick’

Bosch has unveiled what it says is the world’s first electric car charging cable with integrated technology for flexible recharging without a control box. It also does away with the usual ‘charging brick’ – the bulky in-cable control box – when charging at a 230 V power socket. That allows the cable to weigh less […]


Irizar Group ie truck

Rory Jackson investigates the development of this electric/hybrid refuse truck, which is already operating in various European countries. Developing heavy EVs for urban applications, where regulations on emissions and noise are the strictest of any operating environment, requires a wealth of research...

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Vehicle-to-grid charging

Although bidirectional charging for EVs remains a niche technology, writes Nick Flaherty, progress on its uptake is being made. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging is an appealing technology, as it enables EV batteries to be used as part of the electricity grid to even out demand. For example, electric car owners could charge their...

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Bring me my charger!

Russian EV charger manufacturer L-Charge announced in June that its first mobile EV charger is in service on the streets of Moscow, where customers can summon it to wherever they are using an app (writes Peter Donaldson). Mounted on a light truck, the charging system can deliver 120-250 kW and can charge an EV as […]

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DC-DC converters

Peter Donaldson investigates the technology that underpins these essential voltage switching devices. In modern pure electric and hybrid vehicles, battery voltages of 300- 400 V is becoming common, 600 V is gaining ground and 800 V systems are starting to emerge, all to help produce more power yet keep...

Show Report

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2018

Lawrence Butcher reports on some of the latest products that caught his eye at this major e-mobility show. May 2018 saw this annual expo take place in Hanover, Germany, where it also incorporated The Battery Show. Concurrently, the conference element of the show saw a...