Candela C-7 speedboat

Hydrofoiling gives this serial production boat high speed and long endurance. Rory Jackson examines the engineering decisions behind its design

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Sodium-ion battery development gathers pace

Sodium-ion batteries could displace lead acid in many applications, according to Professor John Irvine, who leads the joint academic/industrial Nexgenna effort under the auspices of the Faraday Institution to develop the next generation of sodium-ion battery technology (writes Peter Donaldson). Speaking exclusively to E-Mobility Engineering, he says they will also be able to compete with […]

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Lanxess launches hollow-profile hybrid technology

Chemicals company Lanxess is launching a hollow-profile hybrid technology. With it, metallic hollow profiles can be made functional on conventional injection moulding machines using plastic compounds. The result is plastic-metal composite components that have far greater torsional stiffness and strength than could be achieved with previous hollow-profile technologies. Potential applications in the automotive industry include […]

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Freedom from rare earth magnets?

A good alternative to magnets made from rare earth elements such as neodymium, dysprosium and samarium – which are expensive, volatile in price and supply and polluting in their extraction – is something of a holy grail for the electrical industry in general and EVs in particular. Enter Niron Magnetics with its Clean Earth iron […]

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Skateboard platforms

Against the backdrop of a boom in skateboard platforms for EV designs, Nick Flaherty looks at the approaches taken by some of their suppliers. Changing the wheelbase of a traditional car or truck design by 6 or 7 in creates a ripple effect whereby half the transmission shaft has to be redesigned, changing the centre of gravity and the requirements for the suspension. That means a whole new vehicle design is needed...

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Battery Safety

The EV battery industry offers a variety of ways to minimise the hazards they can pose, as Peter Donaldson explains. Proximity to large amounts of energy has always presented hazards, but people have mostly learned to live with them and enjoy its benefits. However, being close to a high-energy electrochemical system such as a 100 kWh battery is still...


Riversimple Rasa

Rather than go all-out on the technology, this EV has been conceived with reusable components – and the circular economy – in mind. Rory Jackson reports. End-to-end sustainability is a troublesome target for EV engineers to track. Reducing vehicle emissions at the point of use is easy enough, but reducing the emissions...

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Wireless Charging

With agreement on an SAE standard for wireless charging systems set to herald their wider roll-out, Nick Flaherty reports on developments in the technology. The technology for wireless charging of e-mobility systems has reached a critical point. With the SAE J2954 standard now agreed for consumer EVs...

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Condition monitoring

Peter Donaldson examines the factors involved in keeping tabs on the health and performance of key EV components. While an EV’s most costly component is its battery, there are also many other subsystems – inverters, generators and so on – whose condition is critical to safety and efficiency. Machinery health and usage monitoring is well-established...

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Battery Cooling

As liquid-based cooling for EV batteries becomes the technology of choice, Peter Donaldson explains the system options now available. Although there are other options for cooling EV batteries than using a liquid, it is rapidly taking over from forced-air cooling, as energy and power densities increase. It is emerging as the dominant technology...