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Spark connections: Fuel your automotive applications

Adhesives & Bonding Expo, the largest, free-to-attend trade fair and conference for industrial bonding products and manufacturing in North America, is returning for its fourth edition from June 25-27, 2024, in Novi, MI. Register to attend and you’ll gain easy access to the co-located Foam Expo taking place in the same hall.

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Henkel opens battery engineering and testing centre in Germany

Primarily known as a producer of chemical solutions across several different industries, German multinational group Henkel has launched the Battery Engineering Center (BEC) within its Inspiration Center Dusseldorf, aimed at providing strategic partnerships with battery developers (and others in the e-mobility space).

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DuPont’s resin helps extend the life of liquid cooling systems

DuPont AmberLite EV2X resin helps extend the life of an EV’s glycol coolant, coolant loop components and ion exchange filter. It reduces glycol maintenance requirements by offering enhanced thermal stability and excellent operating characteristics, compared with standard ion exchange resins on the market. Consumer demand for greater range, faster charging, larger vehicles and more energy-dense batteries is increasing temperatures within EVs, creating new challenges for vehicle manufacturers. Many are turning from air cooling to liquid systems that use glycol coolant to manage high temperatures.

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AURUM thermoplastic polyimide offers Tg of 245 C

Electrical breakdown of high-temperature insulation materials can be prevented by using thermoplastic polyimide (TPI), a high-performance polymer. This is important with the transition to electric vehicles, with polymers that offer higher electrical and thermal properties being sought. To enable faster charging and travel over longer distances, electrical breakdown must be prevented by high-temperature insulation materials.


LFP cells charge in six minutes

DESTEN has developed the first Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cell that can charge in just six minutes at 6 C writes Nick Flaherty. The 160 Wh/kg pouch cell developed by DESTEN is capable of charging from 20% to 80% SOC in six minutes at a charging rate of 6 C. Moreover, the LFP chemistry means the cell is intrinsically safer than lithium ion cells.

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Ascend Elements Targets 90% Reduction in EV Battery Material Carbon Footprint By 2030

New Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Compares Carbon Emissions of NMC 622 Cathode Material Made with Mined Metals Vs. NMC 622 Hydro-to-Cathode® Battery Materials Made with Recycled Materials Using its patented Hydro-to-Cathode® process and recycled materials, Ascend Elements can today manufacture new EV battery material (NMC 622 cathode) at a 49% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional cathode manufacturing processes that rely on primary materials from mining.

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Elkem develops iron-silicon powder for 3D printing of e-motor parts

Elkem has developed a new, specialised iron-silicon powder, which may allow the 3D-printing of components for electrical motors, with partners through an EU-funded project.

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Heraeus reduces gap in stacked rare-earth magnets in ‘game-changer’ for motor design

Heraeus High Performance Coatings has launched an innovative process for laminated rare-earth metal magnets that boosts performance and manufacturing efficiency, which is crucial for high-power electric motors.

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Quantix Ultra offers flame protection at 1,200 C

A new material called Quantix Ultra, produced by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, offers improved fire protection in electric vehicle (EV) drives, having resisted temperatures of up to 1,200 C during testing.

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Adhesives: essential EV enablers

Adhesives are used in vehicles of all kinds, but they are particularly essential in electric vehicles (EVs) because they perform key functions within battery packs and help save weight in body structure, translating into performance and energy efficiency, as David Fetterman, PPG Industries’ global segment director for adhesives and sealants, explains to Peter Donaldson.