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ZF helps cut emissions with hybrid transmission system

ZF’s Commercial Vehicles Solutions division has developed a new hybrid transmission system, the TraXon 2 Hybrid,which enables commercial vehicle operators to significantly reduce their carbon emissions while maintaining the capability advantages of a combustion engine.

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MOL and Volvo Penta unite to develop full electric 4X4 RoRo tractors

MOL and Volvo Penta are collaborating on trials for a pioneering electric 4X4 RoRo tractor, the RME225, utilizing DFDS's facilities at the Port of Ghent. This collaboration focuses on integrating a purpose-built electric driveline aiming to support customers in remaining competitive and profitable through the energy transition. The initiative aims to elevate material handling operations for fleet owners such as terminal operators, to new heights.


Weight-saving composites for electric buses

Exel Composites in Finland has developed a large-scale composite process for electric buses, writes Nick Flaherty. It has secured a project with Foton Bus and Coach in China to supply glass-fibre composites, which will reduce the maintenance requirements and weight of the vehicles due to their corrosion-resistant and lightweight properties.

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SAF-HOLLAND rolls out regenerative braking axle

SAF-HOLLAND started production of the SAF TRAKr electric trailer axle at its main factory in Bessenbach, northern Bavaria, in October 2022, following a successful testing phase. This is now being ramped up, with its MODUL suspension to be added to its portfolio in the middle of this year.

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Lunaz upcycled electric refuse trucks to operate across London

Lunaz begins 2024 in a strong position to continue its journey towards producing 1,100 upcycled electric vehicles (UEVs) a year, with confirmation that its upcycled refuse trucks achieve the highest five-star Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating for driver visibility.

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New Renault Master E-Tech electric’s WLTP range – up to 460 km

Renault has chosen two batteries optimised for capacity, size and mass, combined with in-depth work on aerodynamics and a brand-new innovative platform. The van comes with a choice of two energy storage capacity ratings: 40 kWh and 87 kWh. These two packs are built into a single casing and designed for driving requirements in cities as much as in suburbs. And they do not hamper the vehicle’s payload capacity – which is an essential criterion in this segment.

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In conversation: Tony Persson

Scania AB’s head of battery production Tony Persson explains to Rory Jackson his company’s key role in the development of electric vehicles for demanding applications The race to electrify road vehicles is bringing with it a race to develop internal competencies in producing key e-mobility technologies, and battery packs frequently


Solar supplement for hybrid truck

Scania has shown a prototype of an electric truck that uses solar panels to provide additional power for propulsion (writes Nick Flaherty). The truck is a regular 100 kWh Scania plug-in hybrid connected to a trailer with 200 kWh of additional batteries as a power bank. These are connected to the solar panels. “When we first began thinking about this, our starting point was the lithium-ion batteries used in battery-electric trucks,” said Eric Falkgrim, a technology leader at Scania’s Research and Innovation department and the project manager for the truck. “In the time that Scania has been working with that technology, we’ve seen the batteries become lighter, cheaper and more energy-dense.”

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Scania’s rejuvenates battery electric range

Scania has updated its urban battery electric truck range and added a new electric machine (combined electric motor and gearbox) to its line-up. The battery electric urban truck range, originally launched in 2021, has been given a major update in line with Scania’s regional battery electric line-up.

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ZF unveils next-generation low-floor e-axle for city buses

ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division showcased its AxTrax 2 LF electric portal axle for low-floor city buses at the recent Busworld 2023 show. The axle comes with two standalone SiC inverters and an electric control unit. Fitting a similar installation...