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Keeping it clean Rory Jackson charts the development of this e-bike, whose entire manufacturing  process is geared towards producing zero emissions Supporters of e-mobility as a means of reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change ned to remind themselves that battery-electric vehicles are only zero-emissions machinery at the point of use. The extraction, refinement, fabrication […]

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AirShaper offers fixed-price options for aero testing

Aerodynamic testing continues to shift away from wind tunnels and into the virtual world of computer models and CFD packages, but barriers to entry remain high because of five or six-figure prices for software licences and the need for very powerful computers to run the code (writes Peter Donaldson). AirShaper is working to change all […]

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Magicycle unveils world’s first step-through full suspension e-bike

Magicycle has launched its Magicycle Deer e-bike, which it says is the first all-terrain full suspension step-through e-bike. The Deer’s suspension system is hydraulic, and allows riders to adjust the distance between the frame and the ground to traverse varying degrees of rough terrain. Its motor has an average output of 750 W and a […]

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Wolfspeed and ZF announce partnership to develop SiC devices

Wolfspeed and ZF have announced a partnership that includes the creation of a lab to drive advances in silicon carbide (SiC) systems and devices for mobility, industrial and energy applications. The partnership includes the construction of a 200 mm SiC device fab. Both facilities are planned as part of the Important Project of Common European […]

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Dow unveils silicone rubbers for injection moulding

Dow has unveiled a new range of liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) designed for two-component injection moulding with thermoplastic substrates including polybutylene terephthalate and polyamide. Its Silastic SA 994X LSR series is a primerless, self-adhesive, general-purpose or self-lubricating, one-to-one mix ratio series of LSRs that can be used across multiple automotive applications such as connector seals, […]

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REE Automotive Names Microvast as battery pack supplier for its commercial EVs

Lithium-ion battery maker Microvast Holdings and EV platform supplier REE Automotive have signed a supply and purchase agreement. Under its terms, Microvast will provide its MV-C Gen 4 HpCO lithium-ion battery packs for REE’s EV platforms. The packs can be fully charged in 30 minutes. Their pouch cells in the MV-C Gen 4 provide 53.5 […]

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ABT e-Line offers conversion of T6.1s to battery drive

ABT e-Line has announced that every existing IC-engined Volkswagen Transporter 6.1 model can now be converted to battery-electric drive. The base vehicle only has to be a diesel with a direct shift gearbox. The ABT e-Transporter 6.1 has a WLTP range of 105-138 km, depending on the body and weight, which might vary slightly during […]

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Far-UK shows carbon fibre skateboard EV chassis

UK composite construction specialist Far-UK is developing a primarily carbon fibre skateboard chassis concept that can be applied to light vehicles with different configurations of wheelbase, track and either three or four wheels (writes Peter Donaldson). The platform is designed to help reduce barriers to entry for new vehicles by optimising the cost and time […]

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Elaphe and McLaren Applied partner up to produce high-response in-wheel EV drive

Elaphe and McLaren Applied are collaborating to provide an in-wheel propulsion system, coupling McLaren Applied’s inverter technology with Elaphe’s direct-drive in-wheel motors and vehicle controls. The combination is said to give a torque response five times faster than existing systems. Elaphe has demonstrated an energy efficiency of more than 97% on vehicles such as the […]

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Kleanbus completes build of first repowered bus

Bus power conversion company Kleanbus has developed its first modular electric platform. Its ‘e-drivetrain in a box’ can convert a single- or double-decker bus from IC engine power to fully electric. Installed in an Optare Solo, the company is now entering pilot trials with bus fleet operators. In general, the conversion consists of a full […]