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QUANTRON launches electric 12-metre bus

Available as both BEV and FCEV Attractive price level of the QUANTRON BEV-Buses: on a par with conventional diesel buses Proven technology – thousands of buses already in use Batteries from CATL, fuel cells from Ballard Power E-mobility specialist Quantron AG is launching its own QUANTRON vehicle, the electric QUANTRON 12 m low-floor bus, at […]

New Products

Dana launches e-axles for Class 7 and 8 vehicles

Dana Incorporated has expanded its Spicer Electrified e-powertrain offerings to include a family of single and tandem e-axles designed for a range of Class 7 and 8 applications. The Zero-8 e-axles include systems for direct drive and now 4 x 2, 6 x 2, and 6 x 4 multi-speed e-axle systems.  The new e-axles are designed to […]

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Green-G and Webasto bring fully electric light truck to the road

EV manufacturer Green-G has unveiled its fully electric light truck, the ecarry. Developed for service companies and urban municipalities, it is aimed at waste disposal services, gardening businesses, urban logistics and last-mile deliveries. It has N1 vehicle type approval, weighs a maximum of 3.5 tons and is capable of speeds of up to 80 kph. […]

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Ricardo’s fuel cell bus takes shape

On 17 August, Ricardo announced that it had received UK Government funding to convert a bus to hydrogen fuel cell power as a technology demonstrator. The vehicle, an Alexander Dennis Enviro400, will be operated by Stagecoach as part of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Hub initiative from February next year. Ricardo’s chief engineer for the conversion, […]

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Hydrogen-fuelled fire engines are focus of latest funded project at ULEMCo

Hydrogen fuel company ULEMCo and its partners have been awarded UK government funding to produce an optimised design for specialised hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. Working with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and its Fire and Rescue Service, ULEMCo will design the fuel cell electric powertrain configuration for zero-emissions fire appliances. The funding was secured from Innovate UK under […]

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Volta Trucks reveals its first running Volta Zero prototype chassis

Commercial vehicles manufacturer Volta Trucks has unveiled the first running prototype chassis of its Volta Zero – the world’s first purpose-built fully electric 16 t commercial vehicle designed specifically for inner city logistics. It was designed and developed in 6 months, and series production is due to begin in December 2022. The chassis has been […]

Deep Insight

Skateboard platforms

Against the backdrop of a boom in skateboard platforms for EV designs, Nick Flaherty looks at the approaches taken by some of their suppliers. Changing the wheelbase of a traditional car or truck design by 6 or 7 in creates a ripple effect whereby half the transmission shaft has to be redesigned, changing the centre of gravity and the requirements for the suspension. That means a whole new vehicle design is needed...

Focus on...

Battery Safety

The EV battery industry offers a variety of ways to minimise the hazards they can pose, as Peter Donaldson explains. Proximity to large amounts of energy has always presented hazards, but people have mostly learned to live with them and enjoy its benefits. However, being close to a high-energy electrochemical system such as a 100 kWh battery is still...


Irizar Group ie truck

Rory Jackson investigates the development of this electric/hybrid refuse truck, which is already operating in various European countries. Developing heavy EVs for urban applications, where regulations on emissions and noise are the strictest of any operating environment, requires a wealth of research...


VIA Motors CHEMA skateboard

This hardware system puts modularity at the heart of commercial EV designs. Rory Jackson describes how it was designed and developed. For more than 10 years, Utah based VIA Motors has strived to develop technologies and system architectures for EVs to bring to fruition its vision for the next generation...