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Mahle announces new motor at IAA Transportation

Mahle unveiled its SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) electric motor at the IAA Transportation show last week. Mahle says the motor solves the dilemma between continuous and peak power. While previous electric motors can only produce their peak power for a short time and then drop to about 60-70%, the SCT motor can be operated continuously […]


Standard of driving

Rob Coppinger reports on Alpha Motor Corporation’s digital route to creating a more efficient range of EVs for the global market Alpha Motor Corporation’s latest vehicle, the Saga sedan, is building on the technical standardisation the company is applying across its range of vehicles. Announced in November last year, the Saga is continuing and expanding […]

New Products

Mahle Powertrain establishes EV dyno facility

Mahle Powertrain is investing $4 million in a new powertrain dynamometer facility in Plymouth, Michigan, aimed at accelerating vehicle development as manufacturers continue the shift towards EVs. Capable of supporting full powertrain development, from the testing and calibration of individual drive components to the complete driveline systems of 4WD vehicles, the facility will enable ADAS […]

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Teams builder

Dana Incorporated’s global VP of light vehicle electrification explains how he merges the company’s engineers’ skills into effective units. Rory Jackson reports  Over the past 5 years, US auto parts maker Dana Incorporated has undergone a dramatic transformation since it entered the e-mobility market. Its acquisition and integration of companies such as TM4 and Pi […]

Deep Insight

Challenge of batteries for heavy-duty EVs

High-voltage batteries are indispensable for the electrification and decarbonisation of vehicles worldwide, but the specific energy and energy density limitations of current battery technology bring challenges to the forefront when optimising different kinds of EVs. Take heavy-duty commercial EVs, for example. Whether electrifying an 18-wheel truck, a coach, a city bus or some similar sort of long-endurance fleet vehicle, hundreds of kilowatt-hours of energy need to be stored onboard.

New Products

ZEEKR becomes first EV maker to adopt CATL’s Qilin battery

ZEEKR, the e-mobility technology brand from Geely Holding Group, and CATL have announced that the former will become the first EV brand to use CATL’s Qilin battery, which uses the third generation of cell-to-pack technology. The ZEEKR 009 luxury MPV will be the first vehicle to use the new battery, with deliveries beginning in the […]

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BorgWarner to start production of Akasol CYC battery modules

Cylindrical cells and central liquid cooling are key architectural characteristics of the new “ultra-high-energy” Akasystem AKM CYC module technology from BorgWarner, which acquired its developer Akasol in February (writes Peter Donaldson). The system is a scalable set of battery modules designed to be built up into packs for heavy vehicles including buses and trucks, along […]

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Hall effect sensors

The Hall effect has been the mainstay of magnetic sensing since it was discovered by US physicist Edwin Hall in 1879. The effect describes the creation of an electric field in a conductor that carries a current and is placed perpendicular to a magnetic field. The fact that the induced voltage is proportional to the magnetic field provides a measurement that is used to control brushless motors and the position of almost anything that rotates.

New Products

Mercedes-Benz turns scrap tyres into door handles

Mercedes-Benz is replacing raw fossil resources with pyrolysis oil made in part from its scrap tyres. It aims to put components featuring the technology into series production in a number of its models this year. The company says it anticipates being able to chemically recycle several hundred tonnes of tyres every year and use the […]

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Nick Flaherty explains how higher charging requirements are leading to different approaches to automating the process   Developers of charging systems are looking to address key challenges for fast charging and higher capacity battery packs, and this is leading to automated charging systems. Several companies are developing such systems to provide more convenient charging with […]