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Bentley unveils recreation of the Blower by The Little Car Company

Bentley Motors and The Little Car Company has unveiled a road-legal, 85 per cent scale recreation of the most famous Bentley in the world. ‘Blower Jnr’, a recreation of the 1929 4½-litre Supercharged Team Car No. 2 in Bentley’s Heritage Collection, is the first road-legal car from The Little Car Company and the most sophisticated city car ever built.


Tool chain for ZEVonUDS standard

Vector Informatik has developed a tool chain for the emerging ZEVonUDS standard for onboard diagnostics (OBD) in EVs (writes Nick Flaherty). The standard, SAE J1979-3, details how OBD data is read from vehicles using an external diagnostics device called a scan tool. This can be used to monitor functions in ECUs that have an influence on vehicle efficiency, and the monitoring functions must be available whether emissions are caused directly by an IC engine or indirectly by generating electricity to charge a traction battery in the vehicle.

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Magna launches modular e-decoupling unit for battery EVs

Magna has announced the start of production of a modular e-decoupling unit to support multiple battery EV programmes for a German premium OEM. The unit is an electromechanical device that disconnects an EV’s...

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Head of Bosch Mobility Solutions talks EV tech

Arun Srinivasan, head of Bosch Mobility Solutions in the UK, says that, as a Tier 1 automotive supplier, the company is well-placed to assess which technologies in which sectors are best placed to reduce the environmental impact of road transport, particularly by eliminating tailpipe emissions (writes Peter Donaldson).

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Dürr announces new approach to paint shop energy efficiency

Dürr says its EcoQPower system uses energy flows in a completely new way to make automotive paint shop operations as energy-efficient as possible, by allowing plant operators to move towards electrification.

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ZF presents ‘ultra-compact’ e-drive for passenger cars

ZF has unveiled its electric concept vehicle, the EVbeat, in which the components of an e-driveline have been optimised and combined into a holistic system. These include an ultra-compact 74 kg driveline with a torque density of 70 Nm/kg, holistic thermal management and cloud-networked driveline software. At temperatures around freezing point, the range in real-world operation...


Clipper Automotive Clipper Cab

This e-taxi, converted from the iconic London black cab, is set for real-world trials. Peter Donaldson explains how it’s being developed The urban jungle is a natural environment for battery EVs, as they can take advantage of its stop-start traffic to recover energy through regenerative braking...

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NIO unveils its first smart electric tourer for Europe

NIO has announced its first EV tourer for Europe, the ET5 Touring. The ET5 Touring uses NIO’s proven dual-motor all-wheel drive system, comprising a 150 kW...

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Electrogenic reveals customer Jaguar E-Type with drop-in EV kit

EV company Electrogenic has revealed the first customer Jaguar E-Type (or XK-E) fitted with one of its plug-and-play, ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits. The package, which is available worldwide through Electrogenic’s partner...

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Eaton offers sealed high-power lock box connectors

Intelligent power management company Eaton has announced that its eMobility business is now offering specialised high-power lock box...