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IoTecha and Software République fire up Mobilize Powerbox

IoTecha, a provider of smart charging solutions for electric vehicles, has developed the Mobilize Powerbox, a smart, secure, bidirectional AC EV charger, with Software République. IoTecha’s IoT.ON is an integrated platform consisting of software, hardware and cloud components for the smart charging infrastructure and power-grid integration of all kinds of EVs, including light-duty vehicles, trucks and school buses.

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Magna awarded specialized eDrive system business with North America based OEM

Magna is growing its electrification customer base with a newly awarded contract from a North America-based OEM to supply a specialized primary rear eDrive system for one of the company’s high-end niche vehicle platforms. The award reinforces Magna’s commitment to supporting the automotive industry’s short and long-term transformational needs.

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New Renault Master E-Tech electric’s WLTP range – up to 460 km

Renault has chosen two batteries optimised for capacity, size and mass, combined with in-depth work on aerodynamics and a brand-new innovative platform. The van comes with a choice of two energy storage capacity ratings: 40 kWh and 87 kWh. These two packs are built into a single casing and designed for driving requirements in cities as much as in suburbs. And they do not hamper the vehicle’s payload capacity – which is an essential criterion in this segment.


In wheel motor development

YASA is working with Domin on an in-wheel motor system that weighs under 2 kg, writes Nick Flaherty. The project with Cranfield University in the UK will create a patented in-wheel motor design using YASA’s axial flux motor and Domin’s digitally controlled hydraulic active suspension. The aim is to develop a motor system that is ten times lighter than the current 12 kg motor package design.

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Elkem develops iron-silicon powder for 3D printing of e-motor parts

Elkem has developed a new, specialised iron-silicon powder, which may allow the 3D-printing of components for electrical motors, with partners through an EU-funded project.

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Quantix Ultra offers flame protection at 1,200 C

A new material called Quantix Ultra, produced by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, offers improved fire protection in electric vehicle (EV) drives, having resisted temperatures of up to 1,200 C during testing.

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Amprius rolls out high-density SiCore batteries with extended cycle life

Amprius Technologies, a manufacturer of next-generation lithium-ion batteries, has unveiled its new SiCore product platform, with the aim of revolutionising electric mobility. The company has also branded its existing silicon nanowire platform, SiMaxx, with its current product range of up to 500 Wh/kg and 1,300 Wh/L energy density.

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Comau to design battery testing strategy for Fastest project

Automation solutions provider Comau is tasked with designing the digitalisation and implementation strategy for Fastest, an EU project that aims to accelerate the development of batteries that are safer, more reliable and durable. Turin-based Comau, a Stellantis company, will leverage its long-standing expertise in digitalisation, process simulation and electrification to accelerate the testing and verification of automotive and stationary batteries.

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Schaeffler’s high-performance ball bearing offers better range

They literally move the world as no powertrain can do without bearings ─ be it electric cars, hybrid vehicles or internal combustion engines. Schaeffler has now developed a special high-performance ball bearing with an integrated centrifugal disc.

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Kennemetal’s additively-manufactured boring tool

Kennametal has created a new machining tool leveraging its "KENionic" technology, which is aimed at tackling industry requirements on the precision production of motor and transmission housings.