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Supercapacitor applications

Although batteries and supercapacitors both store electrical energy, they do so in very different ways that bestow them with complementary characteristics. In a nutshell, batteries store energy chemically and offer high energy density (measured in Wh/litre) while supercapacitors store energy in electric fields and offer high power density, measured in kW/litre.

New Products

All-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre undergoes testing on the French Riviera

Over the past few months, Rolls-Royce’s Spectre testing and development engineers have shifted their focus from the extreme conditions of Arjeplog, Sweden, to the French Riviera. The Spectre will be driven a total of 625,000 km around the Cote d’Azur. The testing is split into two phases, beginning at the Autodrome de Miramas proving ground, […]

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BorgWarner installs first Iperion 120 fast chargers

In-field analysis, along with a deep knowledge of the power electronics components, enabled BorgWarner Systems to get full power in high ambient temperatures from its new Iperion 120 rapid charger during the initial installation programme in northern Italy, where the first units are in operation (writes Peter Donaldson). “In the northern part of Italy the […]

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Elaphe’s approach to in-wheel motor development

Specialising in complete in-wheel electric powertrains, Elaphe’s development roots go back to the late 1980s (writes Peter Donaldson). However, the company was only officially founded 16 years ago, to pioneer in-wheel motors and multiple-wheel drive control systems, which it has evolved into a complete technology platform. “One of the most important things for us in […]

New Products

Everrati launches new division for high-end customers

Everrati has announced a new division dedicated to specialist and luxury low-volume EV design and manufacture for third-party commercial customers. The division, Everrati Advanced Technologies (EAT), will provide specialist and luxury vehicle customers ranging from start-ups to established brands with any level of electrification support, from concept to complete turnkey vehicle solutions. The company says […]

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Lotus gives update on LEVA platform

Lotus has openly said that its latest sportscar, the Emira, will be its last mainstream model with an IC engine (writes Peter Donaldson). Its next-generation two-seater will be based on the Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture (LEVA), on which Lotus is working with initial funding from industry body the Advanced Propulsion Centre, in partnership with casting […]

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AGRO explains importance of EMC-shielded cable glands

Like most small parts in complex vehicle systems, the glands that support, seal and protect the interfaces between HV cables and the components they link rarely receive the attention that the critical nature of the functions they fulfil perhaps ought to command (writes Peter Donaldson). AGRO’s EVolution EMC cable glands are a case in point, […]


Battery swapping, and the alternatives

Whether you drive a single battery EV or operate a fleet of them, ensuring there is enough energy in the battery to complete the job in hand is bound to be a major concern (writes Peter Donaldson). The fact that there are different ways of charging, and that many vehicles can use more than one […]


Design unveiled for 800V inverter from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has developed a reference design for an 800 V, 11 kW three-level, three-phase inverter using gallium nitride (writes Nick Flaherty). The inverter uses a 6.6 kW active neutral-point clamped (ANPC) inverter design with a 600 V LMG3422R030 GaN FET. This enables a switching frequency of 100 kHz to reduce the size of the […]


Green-G ecarry

We investigate this custom-built EV for collecting refuse in the narrow streets of older town and cities The dangers of excess CO2, NOX and other greenhouse gases from refuse and freight trucks in populated urban centres makes it imperative to electrify such traditionally diesel-hungry vehicles.