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Cressall unveils liquid-cooled brake resistors

In electric and hybrid vehicles, regenerative braking is a very effective means of recovering energy by recharging the battery, but sometimes it recovers more energy than the battery can accept (writes Peter Donaldson). This is particularly true for large vehicles such as trucks, buses and off-highway machines on a long run downhill that start with […]

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BorgWarner launches high-altitude charging station

With charging capacity increasingly seen as a limiting factor in the growth of EV markets around the world, BorgWarner Systems has been sharing more details about its new Iperion 120, a 120 kW charging station designed to form the heart of its efforts to create modern charging infrastructures (writes Peter Donaldson).   A key feature […]

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David Hudson

Talking the talk The head of EV strategy at ePropelled tells Rory Jackson how he came into the role and shares details of the company’s dynamic torque switching technology Predicting growth or decline across different areas of the e-mobility world is challenging at the best of times. These days it is even more complex, with […]

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Togg and Ava Labs to build first mobility blockchain solutions on Avalanche

Mobility technology company Togg and Avalanche public blockchain developer Ava Labs have announced plans to develop and launch safe and secure mobility services powered by smart contracts. The collaboration was announced at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. As part of its Usecase Mobility initiative to expand the functionality of mobility and smart devices, Togg has […]

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Sony shares its Vision of electric mobility

Sony has released more details of its Vision-S 01 prototype EV, which it first unveiled at the CES 2020 expo. Over the past 2 years it has road-tested the vehicle in Europe, and is currently conducting functional verification tests in Europe toward the release of Level 2+ advanced driver assistance systems. It plans to establish an operating company, Sony Mobility, in spring 2022 through which to explore its entry into the EV market.


Everrati Porsche 911

The consumer EVs sector is welcoming a constant tide of all-new electric cars, often designed from blank sheets. However, this approach neglects not only the many existing IC-engined cars on the road now, but the countless classic car designs that remain some of the automotive world’s proudest and most cherished examples.

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Ricardo shows Steel E-Motive Level 5 concept EVs

Keen to show off what the latest generation of advanced high-strength steels can do, WorldAutoSteel, the automotive arm of the World Steel Association, has chosen Ricardo to design an EV family that could be offered in the nascent market for mobility as a service from around 2030 (writes Peter Donaldson). The first two designs created under this Steel E-Motive (SEM) initiative were revealed at the recent Battery Show Europe and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart, where WorldAutoSteel’s technical director George Coates and Ricardo’s chief engineer for vehicle attributes Neil McGregor outlined the progress with them so far.

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Honda to start battery-sharing service for electric rickshaws

Honda has announced plans to begin a battery-sharing service for electric rickshaws in India in the first half of 2022, using the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: (MPP e:), its new portable and swappable battery. There are more than 8 million auto rickshaws in India, and they are an essential means of daily transportation for people. In urban areas, they are powered mainly by compressed natural gas and have been a key challenge for electrification.


Flat chassis chosen for axial motors

Saiettta has used its AFT140 axial motor for a flat chassis for urban vehicles (writes Nick Flaherty). Mounted on the corners of the chassis, the AFT 140 in-wheel electric motors provide a torque of up to 140 Nm for controllable power at low speeds in urban stop-start journeys. The chassis is a flexible platform that […]

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Webasto batteries power innovative e-shuttle

French trucking company Lohr Industries will be launching a fully electric and modular e-shuttle system called the Cristal in four French cities before the end of 2021. The vehicles will be powered by batteries from Webasto, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. Some German cities have also signalled their interest.