Maritime pack protection system

KULR has developed a passive propagation resistant (PPR) system to protect maritime battery packs against the risk of fire (writes Nick Flaherty). The US Coast Guard is launching new safety requirements for passenger vessels, and the PPR developed by KULR provides additional battery safety options for the cargo ships, fishing trawlers and cruise liners. A […]

New Products

New metal cover with IP69K protection and push-pull locking

The RJ45 series Y-Con from Yamaichi Electronics is a modular and expandable product line that meets the requirements of protection ratings IP20, IP67, IP68 and IP69K, among others. Within the product line, the Y-Con Cover-40 has been replaced by a die-cast zinc cover called the Y-Con Cover-40 PP, which has push-pull locking. The cover automatically […]

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High-speed marine motor addresses critical need

Rapid acceleration may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering marine vehicles that serve the offshore industries, but it is important because it increases their operational limits, enabling them to be deployed for longer in higher sea states (writes Peter Donaldson). That is one of the key selling points of Walker […]


Fast charge ahead for BMW vehicles

Sprint Power is leading the development of an 800 V fast-charging system for BMW (writes Nick Flaherty).   The Celeritas project is a £9.7 million effort to develop fast-charging cells and battery packs for battery EVs and fuel cell hybrid EVs. As well as BMW, its members include the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre, BP, AMTE […]

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Cressall unveils liquid-cooled brake resistors

In electric and hybrid vehicles, regenerative braking is a very effective means of recovering energy by recharging the battery, but sometimes it recovers more energy than the battery can accept (writes Peter Donaldson). This is particularly true for large vehicles such as trucks, buses and off-highway machines on a long run downhill that start with […]

New Products

World first for 70 MPa hydrogen refuelling

Yanmar Power Technology (YPT) has conducted the world’s first 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen refuelling of a ship, using a demonstration test boat equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system.


Candela C-7 speedboat

Hydrofoiling gives this serial production boat high speed and long endurance. Rory Jackson examines the engineering decisions behind its design. When it comes to designing new kinds of boat hulls that will get as much power and endurance as possible out of battery-electric powertrains, one of the smartest things a maritime architect can do is simply lift the boat out of the water

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Battery Safety

The EV battery industry offers a variety of ways to minimise the hazards they can pose, as Peter Donaldson explains. Proximity to large amounts of energy has always presented hazards, but people have mostly learned to live with them and enjoy its benefits. However, being close to a high-energy electrochemical system such as a 100 kWh battery is still...

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Fuel cells

Nick Flaherty explains the issues at play when designing and building a fuel cell. Sometimes it seems that the specification and design of a fuel cell is more of an art than a matter of engineering. While the basics of the cells are clear, most often based around a stack of proton exchange membrane (PEM) cells...

Deep Insight

Power and torque density

How do you choose the most suitable type of motor for a given application? Peter Donaldson gets some expert input. One of the many challenges facing the developers of the BB Green ferry project was finding an electric propulsion motor of sufficient power, power-to-weight ratio, compactness and...