Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air

Rory Jackson explains how Porsche has collaborated with boat-maker Frauscher to take its latest generation e-powertrain onto the water Since boating as a mobility form is largely motivated by sport and leisure, the quietness of an electric motor versus an internal combustion engine is prized by many. The easier repair and maintenance of


RS Electric Boats Pulse 63

Peter Donaldson explores a new generation rigid hull inflatable boat that obtains benchmark performance from electrical energy. While sailing is emissions free, the IC-engined boats that regularly support sailing events and training operations tarnish that clean image somewhat. This led the principals at RS Sailing, now part of the RS Marine Group, to begin development of an electrical Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) in 2018, incorporating a new company, RS Electric Boats. The resulting Pulse 63 is now operational in its intended role as a sailing coach boat and is also offered as a work boat, a leisure boat and a superyacht tender.


PV system proves a good catch

A start-up is working in Africa to electrify fishing boats (writes Nick Flaherty). VoltaViewAfrica was set up by a professor from the Fraunhofer research institute in Germany. Photovoltaics generate electricity, which is stored in mobile, portable lithium batteries that local residents can use as an individual power source which includes powering local fishing boats.


Zero-emissions barge in world first

Dutch shipping company Future Proof Shipping (FPS) has launched the first hydrogen-powered zero-emissions inland container ship (writes Nick Flaherty). The H2 Barge 1 was developed in partnership with sports company Nike and the BCTN Network of Inland Terminals. The 110 m-long, 11.45 m-wide ship will sail between Rotterdam and BCTN’s inland terminal in Meerhout several times a week.

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Asher Bennett

The CEO of Tevva Trucks explains his thinking behind offering goods vehicles with a dual energy system. By Rory Jackson One of the most prominent differences between Tevva Motors, based in

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Sea Li-ion project sets out aims for electrifying ports

While many shipowners are considering battery power for propulsion, what is holding them back is the availability of shore-side power, the slow speed of charging and the capacity for it. The Sea Li-ion project has therefore been set up to address the knowledge gaps in battery use for ship propulsion. The EU-funded project has now […]

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Protecting electric ships with rapid DC switching

Potentially critical faults in the high-power DC powertrains increasingly found in ships, particularly ferries, must be isolated as quickly as possible to minimise damage and allow the rest of the system to continue operating as normal (writes Peter Donaldson). Key to this is the application of solid-state power electronics in the form of switches based […]


Ferries to launch with fast charging

Five electric ferries are set to operate around the clock across the North Sea Canal in Amsterdam using a fast charging system developed by ABB (writes Nick Flaherty). They will replace a diesel-powered fleet that dates back to the 1930s, and will be used on three busy North Sea Canal routes that transport more than […]

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Saietta launches fully integrated e-drive systems

E-mobility propulsion solutions provider Saietta has expanded its range of products for the light-duty EV sector.Its Axial Flux Technology (AFT) electric motor range has been enhanced and expanded with integrated power electronics, a modular gearbox and a bespoke axle architecture, to provide a fully integrated e-mobility system solution. The company says that key to this […]

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Shell commissions electric ferries for Singapore route

Shell has awarded a contract to Singapore company Penguin International to design, build and operate at least three fully electric ferries which, when operational, will be the first fully electric ferry service in Singapore and a first for Shell globally. Expected to set sail in the first half of 2023, the new 200-seater single-deck ferries […]