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Helix announces success of aerospace electric propulsion demonstrator project

Motors and inverters manufacturer Helix has announced the completion of its direct drive scalable aerospace electric propulsion demonstrator technology project. Known internally as the XBS, the project ran in partnership with the UK’s Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) and the Aerospace Unlocking Potential (Aerospace UP) project between the MAA and the University of Nottingham. Helix developed the XBS project within its X-Division.

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Motor drivers

Equipmake’s CEO explains the technologies that underpin the company’s evolution into scale production of e-mobility motors. Rory Jackson reports While specialising in a market niche is useful for some e-mobility component manufacturers, others can find that it pays to diversify. Equipmake falls squarely into the latter category, having supplied electric motors for industries ranging from public transport to space. Its progress has been spearheaded by Ian Foley, who founded Equipmake and is its CEO...


magniX magni350, 650 and magniDrive 100

Rory Jackson looks at how these electric powertrains and their inverter have been designed for crewed aircraft integrators In every part of aerospace engineering, a race is on to break new ground and claim headline-grabbing milestones in sustainable aviation. While it might seem to some that commercial airliners are moving at a sluggish pace...

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Magna launches modular e-decoupling unit for battery EVs

Magna has announced the start of production of a modular e-decoupling unit to support multiple battery EV programmes for a German premium OEM. The unit is an electromechanical device that disconnects an EV’s...

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Helix develops 650 kW continuous output low-inductance motor for hypercar project

The X-Division of UK-based Helix has announced the SPX177, which it has supplied for a hypercar motor project known as REB. Capable of delivering 650 kW of continuous power, the company says...

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Yamaha’s new PW-XM flagship eMTB drive unit

The new PW-XM is the lightest drive unit in the range, and its launch 30 years after Yamaha invented the eBike underlines just how far this zero-emission technology has progressed. Aimed at the high-end eMTB market, the PW-XM features a specifically-designed magnesium housing that keeps its overall weight down to just 2.6 kg...

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Reduced rare earth and magnet-free motors

The race is on to find ways of reducing the industry’s reliance on EV motor magnets made from rare earths. Peter Donaldson looks at the latest advances Rare earth (RE) magnets are essential components of the most efficient torque and power-dense motors used in EVs. However, factors including price, sustainability and

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CAKE launches the new IPM e-bike motor

Swedish company CAKE, which makes electric motorcycles, has introduced a new electric IPM motor, the Jante. Featuring an aircraft-grade aluminium

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Electric Renault 5 prototypes begin testing

Renault has announced it is testing the future electric Renault 5 using nine prototypes. Known as mules, their platform, powertrain and battery are technically the


GaN chips edge into SiC space

VisIC Technologies has successfully tested its 2.2 mΩ 650 V half-bridge power module with a mainstream permanent magnet synchronous motor (writes Nick Flaherty). The module consists of