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Mahle launches e-bike drive system

Mahle has started deliveries of its new X20 traction motor for e-bikes. The company says that, with a system weight of less than 3.2 kg including battery and control unit, the X20 is the lightest e-bike drive on the market. The X20 drive system is tailored to the design of gravel bikes, road bikes and […]

New Products

Goldhofer announces e-drive tie-up with Aradex

The Airport Technology division of Goldhofer is equipping its zero-emissions Sherpa E cargo and pushback tractors and Phoenix E towbar-less aircraft tractor with battery-powered motors and inverters supplied by Aradex. The newly configured electric powertrain is used in both vehicles, and provides a torque of up to 1200 Nm for the Sherpa E and 4000 […]


Conversion service for classic mini

Following a one-off project in 2018, BMW is now offering a service to convert the classic petrol-driven Mini to electric propulsion (writes Nick Flaherty). The original was launched in 1959, created during an oil crisis and based on the idea of saving fuel and transporting four occupants and their luggage in the smallest possible footprint. […]

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OMSI announces move into heavy-duty applications

With a 70-year history in manufacturing gearboxes, axles and power take-off (PTO) units for trucks, special-purpose machines and the railway industry, Italy’s OMSI Trasmissioni is now targeting heavy-duty e-mobility applications with a new range of hybrid and electric drives that exploit modern electric motors with high power densities (writes Peter Donaldson). “We can work with […]

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High-speed marine motor addresses critical need

Rapid acceleration may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering marine vehicles that serve the offshore industries, but it is important because it increases their operational limits, enabling them to be deployed for longer in higher sea states (writes Peter Donaldson). That is one of the key selling points of Walker […]

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Meeting the challenges of developing e-VTOL air taxis

AutoFlight’s Prosperity I, a Chinese-designed e-VTOL air taxi sized to accommodate a pilot and three passengers, is intended to meet the rigorous safety standards that apply to transport-category aircraft including the largest airliners, and the company is aiming for certification and service entry in 2025 (writes Peter Donaldson). Invited by electric aviation pioneer and AutoFlight’s […]

New Products

Koenigsegg announces its first e-motor and EV drive unit

Koenigsegg has unveiled its first e-motor, the Quark, which uses a torque/power-rich balance between radial (power-dense) and axial (torque-dense) flux topology it calls Raxial Flux. The company has also integrated two of them with one of its David inverters, plus planetary gearsets, to create a torque-vectoring EV drive unit it calls the Terrier. The company says a key […]


Sigma Powertrain EMAX transmission

Rory Jackson explains how this modular all-electric gearbox can combine two motors to drive any size and weight of EV. High-voltage electric motors produce torque across a wide range of their rpm bands, enabling most electric cars on the road these days to achieve reasonably high power efficiencies with single-speed gear reductions.

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Motor laminations

Layer by layer Peter Donaldson reports on how lamination technology has evolved in recent times to meet changing demands from the EV industry Whether or not governments eventually ban the manufacture of fossil fuel-powered vehicles, it is clear that the electrification of transport fleets is set to accelerate and that the EV industry will therefore […]

In Conversation

David Hudson

Talking the talk The head of EV strategy at ePropelled tells Rory Jackson how he came into the role and shares details of the company’s dynamic torque switching technology Predicting growth or decline across different areas of the e-mobility world is challenging at the best of times. These days it is even more complex, with […]