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RAD Propulsion powers electric commuter boat

RAD Propulsion and Stephens Waring Design have teamed up on a project to launch a 26 ft electric commuter boat in the autumn. Stephens Waring’s client requires an electric-powered vessel offering solid performance and dependability.


In wheel motor development

YASA is working with Domin on an in-wheel motor system that weighs under 2 kg, writes Nick Flaherty. The project with Cranfield University in the UK will create a patented in-wheel motor design using YASA’s axial flux motor and Domin’s digitally controlled hydraulic active suspension. The aim is to develop a motor system that is ten times lighter than the current 12 kg motor package design.


Successful test of aircraft rim motor

Duxion Motors has successful ground tested its patented eJet Motor for electric aviation, writes Nick Flaherty. The successful ground testing of the scaled prototype at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada, included both low-speed and high-speed testing.

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Elkem develops iron-silicon powder for 3D printing of e-motor parts

Elkem has developed a new, specialised iron-silicon powder, which may allow the 3D-printing of components for electrical motors, with partners through an EU-funded project.



H3X is meeting the challenge of maximising continuous power output against high operating temperatures. Rory Jackson reports Commercial aviation is one of the world’s fastest-growing sources of pollution, responsible for about 2% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 2.5% of carbon emissions. These levels are projected to reach...

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Heraeus reduces gap in stacked rare-earth magnets in ‘game-changer’ for motor design

Heraeus High Performance Coatings has launched an innovative process for laminated rare-earth metal magnets that boosts performance and manufacturing efficiency, which is crucial for high-power electric motors.

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Schaeffler’s high-performance ball bearing offers better range

They literally move the world as no powertrain can do without bearings ─ be it electric cars, hybrid vehicles or internal combustion engines. Schaeffler has now developed a special high-performance ball bearing with an integrated centrifugal disc.

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Motor control

Nick Flaherty explains the various ways to create the perfect sine wave to maximise the efficiency of electric motor control Improving the efficiency of e-mobility motor control is a key focus for developers. Design technologies to squeeze the last microamp out of the battery can boost the range of EVs significantly, while improving the efficiency of the motor control can reduce losses, cutting the amount of thermal management needed and so reducing the complexity and weight of a motor.

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Axial flux motors

Peter Donaldson canvasses expert opinions on the decisions to be made on whether to choose an axial flux motor for a given application Axial flux (AF) motors are attracting a great deal of attention and engineering effort in the e-mobility arena, and for good reasons. Different motor topologies – such as radial and axial flux – are...

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Electric motors for aircraft

Developments in motors for e-aircraft are becoming intertwined with issues of energy storage and certification. Nick Flaherty reports There are many different designs for motors being developed for a variety of electric aircraft platforms, from vertical take-off air taxis to 100-seaters with a flying time of an hour or so for regional flights.