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Holding electronics together under high voltages and temperatures

While EVs may have much in common with consumer electronics, the combination of high voltages and powers, and the safety-critical nature of many of their systems, is providing some major headaches for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) contractors and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers – headaches that vehicle OEMs won’t be able to cure with […]

New Products

Goldhofer announces e-drive tie-up with Aradex

The Airport Technology division of Goldhofer is equipping its zero-emissions Sherpa E cargo and pushback tractors and Phoenix E towbar-less aircraft tractor with battery-powered motors and inverters supplied by Aradex. The newly configured electric powertrain is used in both vehicles, and provides a torque of up to 1200 Nm for the Sherpa E and 4000 […]


HV SiC MOSFET switch ships for EVs

Power Integrations (PI) has launched its first high-voltage switch chips for automotive battery packs that use a SiC MOSFET (writes Nick Flaherty). The package for the InnoSwitch3-AQ integrates a 1700 V SiC MOSFET for 800 and 1000 V battery packs where a 1200 V device would not be able to handle the peak voltage that […]


Ricardo Tees Valley hydrogen bus

Route march With this this hydrogen-electric bus set for its first demonstration run, Rory Jackson talks to its developers about the thinking that went into it When discussing clean energy technologies, debates can arise over which ones are the most cost-effective, efficient or realistic in terms of how they can be used to help create […]

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Battery Show Europe 2021

Fire department Peter Donaldson reports with highlights of this show, at which ways of containing thermal runaway were at the fore If there was one theme that shone out from conversations at the Battery Show Europe and the co-located Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which took place in Stuttgart late last year, it was […]

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NXP intelligent gate drivers for traction inverters

Long-established IC-engined vehicle OEMs and new EV specialists are competing to get EVs to market rapidly while being faced with rising costs and the desire to maintain control of the intellectual property embodied in their vehicles (writes Peter Donaldson). Under this pressure, many are responding by building up their abilities to design, develop and manufacture […]


Lightyear One

While EV technology has come a long way over the past decade, the main concerns being raised by engineers, advocates and prospective customers of battery EVs remain the same. Range anxiety broadly encapsulates these problems, and boils down to a few key points

New Products

DC-DC converters for EVs with IP67 option

Green Watt Power, a division of Powerland Technology, has launched its EVD3000 series of fully encapsulated, ruggedised DC-DC converters for EVs. They have an input range of 280 to 880 V, with output voltages of 27.5 or 48 V DC to power auxiliary EV functions such as air conditioning, lights, instruments, accessories, or to provide […]

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Switching is at the heart of the electrical systems for e-mobility platforms. The performance of the switching devices – the transistors – determines the power levels, the efficiency and even the size of the systems. Switching at higher frequencies reduces the size of the magnetics and allows more integration, lower weights and longer range


Cool SiC inverters move

Researchers at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have been working with heavy-duty equipment maker John Deere on a new thermal management system for SiC inverters (writes Nick Flaherty). Equipment such as trucks and construction machines account for 39% of greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, so there has been a focus on […]