Power Electronics


Reducing models of EV behaviour

The development of e-mobility platforms requires a complex interplay between different engineering teams for the mechanical, thermal, electrical, control and software design. ROMs from 3D design tools can be substituted for 1D system simulation models to provide more accurate and detailed results, so teams can make an informed and correct design choice earlier.

New Products

G-Pulse and Silicon Mobility collaborate on high-power multiphase DC-DC converter

G-Pulse and Silicon Mobility have announced that they are designing a high-power multiphase interleaving bidirectional DC-DC converter platform for EVs including those using fuel cells, batteries, hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric. It is based on Silicon Mobility’s OLEA control technology, and draws on G-Pulse’s engineering expertise in automotive systems.


Multi-kilowatt superconductors

Researchers in Germany have developed a coil with superconducting wires that are capable of transmitting up to 5 kW of power with minimal losses (writes Nick Flaherty). The team, at the Technical University of Munich, worked with Wurth Elektronik eiSos and superconductor coating specialist Theva Dunnschichttechnik on the design of a coil which they believe […]

New Products

Dow launches conformal coating for harsh environments

Dow has unveiled a new conformal coating it calls Dowsil CC-2588. It is an abrasion-resistant silicone-based material that protects PCBs and electronic components against high humidity and corrosion. The coating is virtually odourless and cures at room temperature. It can be sprayed on in a single pass and dries to a film thickness of 50-200 […]


Candela C-7 speedboat

Hydrofoiling gives this serial production boat high speed and long endurance. Rory Jackson examines the engineering decisions behind its design


Riversimple Rasa

Rather than go all-out on the technology, this EV has been conceived with reusable components – and the circular economy – in mind. Rory Jackson reports. End-to-end sustainability is a troublesome target for EV engineers to track. Reducing vehicle emissions at the point of use is easy enough, but reducing the emissions...

In Conversation

Andrew Cross

Integral Powertrain’s CTO tells Rory Jackson how he has come to lead the company’s development of high performance consumer EV drives. One of Andrew Cross’ most prominent early memories is the engineering company his father owned and ran, designing and manufacturing polymer parts, and developing much of his own production systems and tooling...


Irizar Group ie truck

Rory Jackson investigates the development of this electric/hybrid refuse truck, which is already operating in various European countries. Developing heavy EVs for urban applications, where regulations on emissions and noise are the strictest of any operating environment, requires a wealth of research...

Deep Insight

Vehicle-to-grid charging

Although bidirectional charging for EVs remains a niche technology, writes Nick Flaherty, progress on its uptake is being made. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging is an appealing technology, as it enables EV batteries to be used as part of the electricity grid to even out demand. For example, electric car owners could charge their...

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Power Electronics

Nick Flaherty explains the three types of switching technologies for inverters and how to match them to a given inverter design. Power electronics is of course a key technology for e-mobility systems, and the development of their components is a vital part of the evolution...