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Schaeffler’s high-performance ball bearing offers better range

They literally move the world as no powertrain can do without bearings ─ be it electric cars, hybrid vehicles or internal combustion engines. Schaeffler has now developed a special high-performance ball bearing with an integrated centrifugal disc.

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Improving power electronics

Nick Flaherty reports on how semiconductor r&d is leading to more efficient and powerful electronic switching solutions for e-mobility Power devices for e-mobility come in a range of technologies to boost performance and efficiency. Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) made from silicon have been the original power switch for decades; they are robust and low cost but can only switch at frequencies of around...

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CUI Inc, announces expansion of AC-DC power supplies

CUI Inc, a Bel group company, announced the addition of three, chassis mount ac-dc power supplies housed in compact metal cases with the VGS-500, VGS-350D, and VGS-200E series line of products.

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Altran Magnetics’ AXV200 Series DC Contactor

DC contactors are at the heart of all types of modern transportation, where efficiency and reliability is paramount. Altran Magnetics are excited to announce their new AXV200 Series DC Contactor, a marvel of engineering, designed to switch power in the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles.


Detectors do more using less

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has launched two voltage detectors that are designed to provide higher accuracy in ECUs and BMSs using fewer components (writes Nick Flaherty). When monitoring high voltages, it is crucial to consider the drawbacks of using traditional low-voltage detectors with an open drain output. The NV3600 and...

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Vitesco Technologies develops innovative power module

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, is developing a power

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Fuses and circuit protection

Nick Flaherty reports on how new circuit protection technologies are meeting the challenges posed by increasingly powerful EVs The EV market these days is seeing demand and development towards decreasing charging times, increased range requirements and a wider variety of vehicle models. All of this heightens...

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Littelfuse releases AEC-Q200 Rev E-qualified fuses for automotive-grade applications

Industrial technology manufacturing company Littelfuse has announced a range of AEC-Q200 Rev E-qualified fuses for EV applications. They include thin-film, Nano2, PICO and cartridge fuses...


GaN switch for 400 V powertrains

Power Integrations has developed a 900 V flyback switching chip with a gallium nitride transistor for more efficient 400 V powertrain designs (writes Nick Flaherty). The InnoSwitch3-AQ uses the company’s proprietary PowiGaN transistor to...


Modular PXI-based BMS tester

Pickering Interfaces has developed a modular test system for battery management systems. The system is based around the PXI standard, and combines a range of modules for fault...