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CINERGIA announces the launch of its latest product family: the Rack Series

CINERGIA, announces the launch of its latest product family: the Rack Series. "This new lineup of highly efficient converters will set a new standard for regenerative energy testing, offering the ultimate combination of versatility, efficiency...

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Pacific Power Source launches Regenerative product line

Pacific Power Source, a provider of AC and DC power test solutions, has launched its Regenerative product line, which includes the All-in-1 AGX Regenerative AC/DC Source, 2-in-1 RGS Regenerative Grid Simulator and RLS Regenerative Load Simulator.

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Detecting test-gas leaks in EV battery production

A leading battery manufacturer for the automotive industry is using test-gas leak-detection systems from Zeltwanger Leak Testing & Automation, which is equipped with complete solutions from Pfeiffer Vacuum.

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Bloomy rolls out compact battery simulator

Bloomy Controls has launched the Desktop BMS HIL Test System, a small, compact and transportable system for users to simulate battery cells safely for development projects.

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Comau to design battery testing strategy for Fastest project

Automation solutions provider Comau is tasked with designing the digitalisation and implementation strategy for Fastest, an EU project that aims to accelerate the development of batteries that are safer, more reliable and durable. Turin-based Comau, a Stellantis company, will leverage its long-standing expertise in digitalisation, process simulation and electrification to accelerate the testing and verification of automotive and stationary batteries.

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AES showcases cell-testing models at the US Battery Show

Associated Environmental Systems (AES) showed its All Test Platform (ATP), a fixture designed to support a number of cells within an environmental test chamber of its own manufacture, at the US Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan (writes Peter Donaldson).

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Chroma ATE unveils integrated HIL test bed for battery EVs

Chroma ATE has launched the 8610 battery pack power HIL test bed for testing battery systems and components of new energy vehicles, including the battery module, BMS and cooling/heating system. Various hardware options are available for integration, such as a DC power supply, battery charge-discharge system, digital meter, hi-pot tester, and short-circuit and overvoltage protection devices.

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Zeiss unveils NDT system for battery and EV builders

Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions has launched its VoluMax 9 titan system for computed tomography (CT) analysis of battery cells and EVs. CT is a non-destructive means of checking that the various steps in the production processes are working as intended, so that sub-components are handled and assembled without errors or damage.

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Quality control

E-Mobility Engineering talks to quality control technology suppliers about how they are adapting to the transition to EVs. In a recent study of new-car quality, consumer intelligence company JD Power found that owners of battery EVs and hybrids report more problems than those of IC-engined...


Cell simulator for latest monitors

MicroNova has enhanced its Cell Module Controller (CMC) simulator to support the latest high-accuracy battery cell monitors and balancers from Texas Instruments, or TI (writes Nick Flaherty). The NovaCarts CMC simulator has a daisy-chain comms interface to the bridge device on the master board of the BMS or the master control unit to provide precise […]