New Products

Allison now offers fuel cell and CNG testing

Allison Transmission has announced the availability of hydrogen fuel cell and compressed natural gas (CNG) testing at its Vehicle Electrification + Environmental Test Center. The company has completed the installation of two phases of hydrogen capabilities. Phase one provides the ability to safely detect and manage hydrogen gas or flames in a test cell as […]

New Products

Synergies in testing via the interaction of high-voltage measurement technology and NVH

The increasing complexity of products and components as well as rising demands on testing require new approaches, especially in the field of electromobility. It is necessary to place distributed, high-voltage safe and compact measurement technology for mobile use, or permanently installed in the test bench, with powerful data acquisition and analysis software directly at the […]

New Products

All-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre undergoes testing on the French Riviera

Over the past few months, Rolls-Royce’s Spectre testing and development engineers have shifted their focus from the extreme conditions of Arjeplog, Sweden, to the French Riviera. The Spectre will be driven a total of 625,000 km around the Cote d’Azur. The testing is split into two phases, beginning at the Autodrome de Miramas proving ground, […]

New Products

Operando test cell from EL-CELL

The PAT-Cell-Force is an operando test cell in EL-CELL’s PAT series for adjusting and measuring the mechanical force applied to a cell stack. Its wide range of forces makes it suitable for aprotic lithium-ion chemistries with liquid electrolytes as well as solid-state batteries. It allows the force on a cell stack to be set to […]

Show Report

Battery Show Europe 2021

Fire department Peter Donaldson reports with highlights of this show, at which ways of containing thermal runaway were at the fore If there was one theme that shone out from conversations at the Battery Show Europe and the co-located Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, which took place in Stuttgart late last year, it was […]

New Products

CSM launches split HV measurement modules for confined spaces

CSM has unveiled its latest measurement technology solution for electric and hybrid vehicles where installation space is limited. Called the HV Breakout Module (BM) Split system, it provides high-frequency measurement of current, voltage and power directly in HV power cables as well as busbars. The split design allow measurements at points where there is not […]

Web exclusive

Feinmetall launches high-current contacts for battery testing and production

As currents produced by EV batteries get higher, the demands placed on the contacts in the systems used to check cell, module and general battery performance in testing and production are also increasing. High-performance contact probes are therefore growing in importance (writes Peter Donaldson). To that end, contacts manufacturer Feinmetall has launched a family of […]

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Project tests electric truck for work in the Arctic

Operating EVs in extreme temperatures is a demanding exercise, as lithium-ion batteries generally work best between 15 and 35 C, so a four-week trial conducted throughout February 2021 above the Arctic Circle in Sweden was a severe test of a truck and its charging infrastructure (writes Peter Donaldson). In the test, the battery-powered truck carried loads of 14 t of iron ore sludge over a 280 km round trip in temperatures down to -32 C, says Adam Holmer of power-as-a-service provider Vattenfall. The trial was a cooperative effort between Vattenfall, Volvo Trucks and dealer Wist Last och Buss, charger manufacturer ABB and mining company Kaunis Iron.

Web exclusive

Ground vibration testing of NASA’s X-57 Maxwell electric aircraft

Electric propulsion is spawning aircraft with diverse and novel configurations. The multiple motors, rotors, propellers and fans associated with distributed electric propulsion are shaping many complex and unusual forms in the quest to enhance lift and thrust, and to reduce drag through close aerodynamic coupling with airframes. One of the most important processes in their development is ensuring that they don’t suffer from damaging vibration. To that end, NASA has used equipment from Hottinger Bruel & Kjær (HBK) to collect and process accelerometer data in ground vibration testing (GVT) for its X-57 Maxwell aircraft.


Reducing models of EV behaviour

The development of e-mobility platforms requires a complex interplay between different engineering teams for the mechanical, thermal, electrical, control and software design. ROMs from 3D design tools can be substituted for 1D system simulation models to provide more accurate and detailed results, so teams can make an informed and correct design choice earlier.