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New electric pump drive for low-voltage systems

Omni Powertrain Technologies has released details about its new electrohydraulic pump combination. The unit was developed for low-voltage mobile applications, and is said to be ideally suited to the needs of hybrid equipment builders facing spatial constraints.  The system includes a Flo-Torq gear pump packaged with an axial flux motor and controller from Omni’s Magelec […]

New Products

Goldhofer announces e-drive tie-up with Aradex

The Airport Technology division of Goldhofer is equipping its zero-emissions Sherpa E cargo and pushback tractors and Phoenix E towbar-less aircraft tractor with battery-powered motors and inverters supplied by Aradex. The newly configured electric powertrain is used in both vehicles, and provides a torque of up to 1200 Nm for the Sherpa E and 4000 […]

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Going electric gives classic off-roader new abilities

Examples of classic vehicles converted to electric power abound, but SC Innovation’s reworking of the rugged skid-steered 6 x 6 All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) is remarkable because, rather than adding a high-tech twist to an exercise in nostalgia, it brings new capabilities to a machine that has filled niches in military, agricultural and other utility […]

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OMSI announces move into heavy-duty applications

With a 70-year history in manufacturing gearboxes, axles and power take-off (PTO) units for trucks, special-purpose machines and the railway industry, Italy’s OMSI Trasmissioni is now targeting heavy-duty e-mobility applications with a new range of hybrid and electric drives that exploit modern electric motors with high power densities (writes Peter Donaldson). “We can work with […]

New Products

SC Innovation demonstrates its e-ATMP EV to the UK’s lifeboat service

SC Innovation’s e-ATMP EV has been demonstrated to the UK’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) on Weston-super-Mare beach, in southwest England. The electric development vehicle has allowed early proof of concept, and provided RNLI engineers with an insight into the feasibility and the technology readiness level of EVs in this environment. The demonstration proved the prototype […]

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Webasto swappable batteries power Staad electrified excavators

With many European cities now insisting that machinery such as excavators used on construction sites must not produce harmful emissions, the pressure on the industry to electrify them is growing (writes Peter Donaldson). In 2020, Staad, the Dutch importer of Doosan machinery, formed its Electric Construction Equipment (ECE) division to convert excavators and now offers […]


Fast charge ahead for BMW vehicles

Sprint Power is leading the development of an 800 V fast-charging system for BMW (writes Nick Flaherty).   The Celeritas project is a £9.7 million effort to develop fast-charging cells and battery packs for battery EVs and fuel cell hybrid EVs. As well as BMW, its members include the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre, BP, AMTE […]


Sigma Powertrain EMAX transmission

Rory Jackson explains how this modular all-electric gearbox can combine two motors to drive any size and weight of EV. High-voltage electric motors produce torque across a wide range of their rpm bands, enabling most electric cars on the road these days to achieve reasonably high power efficiencies with single-speed gear reductions.

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EV makes tracks in Antarctica

The Venturi Antarctica exploration vehicle is now in service at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research station in East Antarctica. It is a world first for operating an EV with caterpillar tracks on the White Continent.

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Volvo Penta in electric tractor tie-up with TICO

Volvo Penta has delivered and integrated its electric driveline into the first of a series of prototype fully electric terminal tractors for US customer TICO, who will be testing the prototypes with various fleet partners. The driveline is based on proven Volvo Group technology tailored to TICO’s application in terms of performance and energy needs. Volvo Penta’s approach of handling the development and installation of the complete electric driveline and its integration into the vehicle has allowed TICO to focus on improving the vehicle’s functionality. Ports and distribution hubs have highly organised fleets and operations with favourable environments for developing charging infrastructures, as they have well-defined duty cycles. Volvo Penta analysed customer operations and based its electric system on that data and simulations.