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Xerotech and Innolith to bring non-flammable batteries to market

Xerotech, a battery pack provider for heavy-duty non-road mobile machinery, is teaming up with battery cell developer Innolith to launch what they say are the industry’s first packs for electrifying a range of applications in the ATEX, eVTOL and other sectors where fire safety is paramount. The collaboration will focus on integrating Innolith’s I-State cell […]


Aurora Powertrains eSled

Increasing interest in preserving the world’s Arctic regions has generated strong demand among tour companies and eco-tourists for zero-emissions snow-going vehicles. An electric snowmobile would be quieter, emissions-free, and far easier to maintain than an IC-engined version.

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Concentric’s electro-hydraulic steering systems

The electrification of the global commercial vehicle segment will gain serious momentum over the next 10 to 20 years, according to a study by ACT Research. It predicts that 24% of commercial vehicle demand – Class 4 to Class 8 trucks, including transit, coach, school and refuse trucks – in the US, as well as […]

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BorgWarner to start production of Akasol CYC battery modules

Cylindrical cells and central liquid cooling are key architectural characteristics of the new “ultra-high-energy” Akasystem AKM CYC module technology from BorgWarner, which acquired its developer Akasol in February (writes Peter Donaldson). The system is a scalable set of battery modules designed to be built up into packs for heavy vehicles including buses and trucks, along […]


Six-pack muscle

EMotive’s 12 t Scarab 6x6 electric off-road truck is designed to appeal to a range of industries including agriculture, forestry, quarrying, mining, adventure tourism and airfield firefighting – all areas where large zero-emissions vehicles are becoming increasingly attractive.

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HVAC Systems

While most drivers of IC-engined vehicles are vaguely aware that running the air conditioning increases fuel consumption, such is the energy density of petrol and diesel that it has rarely been a major concern, although with fuel prices at record highs that is changing rapidly. Similarly, IC engines produce so much waste heat that drawing upon it to warm up the cabin on a cold day has a negligible effect on fuel burn.


Rover will offer mission flexibility

Venturi Astrolab has developed an electric lunar rover with a flexible payload architecture to support a range of regular missions for astronauts (writes Nick Flaherty). The company plans to offer a fleet of these Flexible Logistics and Exploration (FLEX) rovers to support a sustained human presence on the Moon and Mars. The FLEX’s four-wheel crab […]

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Green Watt Power unveils 40 A EV charger with CAN and IP66 rating

Green Watt Power, a division of Powerland Technology, has announced a 48 V, 48 A version of its EVC2400 series of ruggedised AC chargers for lithium-ion batteries used in EVs, materials handling, motorcycles, scooters and e-carts. Its design is said to allow easy mechanical integration into a variety of form factors and is available in […]

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New electric pump drive for low-voltage systems

Omni Powertrain Technologies has released details about its new electrohydraulic pump combination. The unit was developed for low-voltage mobile applications, and is said to be ideally suited to the needs of hybrid equipment builders facing spatial constraints.  The system includes a Flo-Torq gear pump packaged with an axial flux motor and controller from Omni’s Magelec […]

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Goldhofer announces e-drive tie-up with Aradex

The Airport Technology division of Goldhofer is equipping its zero-emissions Sherpa E cargo and pushback tractors and Phoenix E towbar-less aircraft tractor with battery-powered motors and inverters supplied by Aradex. The newly configured electric powertrain is used in both vehicles, and provides a torque of up to 1200 Nm for the Sherpa E and 4000 […]