bdtronic’s new machine targets the impregnation of windings

(Image courtesy of bdtronic)

bdtronic’s B8650 impregnation machine enhances electrical component manufacturing, targeting the impregnation of windings in rotors, stators and coils used in electric motors.

Designed for small to medium production volumes, the machine offers superior insulation, improved performance and extended operating life for these critical components. The insulation system provided by the B8650 plays a pivotal role in the efficiency and longevity of electric motors, making heat management a critical aspect of its design.

The impregnation process is essential for closing and sealing voids in a component between wires using insulating material such as epoxy resins, unsaturated polyester, and polyetherimides or silicones. This process significantly enhances the overall performance and durability of electrical windings by providing better insulation and preventing vibration.

By filling these voids, the windings receive an additional layer of protection, which not only increases their thermal conductivity but also contributes to better electrical isolation. One of the key advantages of impregnation is ensuring efficient heat exchange during normal operation, which enhances the motors’ resistance to stress and temperature load.

The B8650 features advanced technology to manage heat distribution for stators and varnish to ensure uniform resin flow and superior insulation properties.

Despite its compact size, the B8650 does not compromise on performance. Supporting trickling impregnation processes, it can handle rotors and stators with diameters up to 550 mm and lengths up to 390 mm.