Advanced testing and validation for the development of electric vehicle drivelines

New tools and methodologies are required for the fast and cost-efficient development, testing, calibration and validation of electric vehicle drivelines and their sub-components. The development of key powertrain components such as the transmission, e-motor and power electronics requires testing activities at the earliest possible project stage, taking a high degree of virtualization into account.

In this webinar, AVL experts will explain what advanced methodologies, tools and facilities can be used to efficiently test and validate state-of-the-art electric vehicle drivelines and subcomponents, such as e-motors and inverters.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover the latest methodologies to establish and optimize test and validation programs from component to electric vehicle driveline systems, including industry-standard test programs
  • Learn about options to evaluate and improve overall system performance with a bottom-up approach in terms of efficiency, NVH, performance and cost in an advanced testing environment
  • Find out how to reduce time to market and costs while producing highly mature development results