RAD Propulsion powers electric commuter boat

(Image courtesy of RAD Propulsion)

RAD Propulsion and Stephens Waring Design have teamed up on a project to launch a 26 ft electric commuter boat in the autumn.

Stephens Waring’s client requires an electric-powered vessel offering solid performance and dependability. Ease of operation is important as the boat will mainly be used in a remote lake in Maine, USA, far from any marina or fuel dock.

Designed with classic 1950s aesthetics, Isobel measures 26 ft, 6 in long with a beam of 7 ft, 11 in. Its low sheer line makes boarding from the side easy, and it features a stern platform for access and swimming. Made from cedar strips sheathed in fiberglass, Isobel is very lightweight to maximise performance. 

RAD 40 benefits

Isobel will be fitted with the RAD 40 drive, which fits neatly into the boat’s hull. The drive is compact and designed so that the motor doesn’t intrude into the vessel’s deck space. It offers exceptional control and manoeuverability, with full drive-by-wire controls and 180o of steering. The drive is quieter than internal combustion engines and reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. It also has lower running costs than fossil fuel-powered systems and is easy to install.

Isobel comes with a RAD 55 kWh battery pack, which produces 350 V, with a peak output of 330 kW. The battery can be charged from 20% to 80% SoC in under an hour.

Pete Byford, CTO of RAD, said: “Stephens Waring came to us with this project, looking for a drive and battery for an electric commuter boat, without compromising on performance, style or ease of operation. We are delighted to partner with them, and Isobel is a beautiful boat that the RAD 40 complements perfectly.”

Bob Stephens of Stephens Waring Design said: “The RAD team have impressed us with their expert engineering knowledge and attention to detail. The RAD 40 with its standout design and superior operating features makes it the ideal choice for the high-spec Isobel. We hope this will be the first of many projects with RAD.”