Nyobolt EV prototype takes ultra-fast charging onto the road

(Image courtesy of Nyobolt)

Nyobolt is taking its high-power density, fast-charging battery technology from the lab into the real world with its first EV prototype, a sportscar weighing just 1,250 kg, designed and engineered with Callum.

Initial in-vehicle testing using 350 kW (800 V) DC fast chargers has confirmed that the EV’s 50 Ah, 35 kWh battery can be charged from 10% to 80 % in four minutes and 37 seconds. A full, 100% charge enables the prototype to achieve a range of 155 WLTP miles.

Nyobolt’s 24.5 Ah cells have completed over 4,000 full depth-of-discharge, fast-charge cycles, equating to over 600,000 miles if used in the Nyobolt EV pack, while still retaining over 80% battery capacity. The pack size is compact.

The Nyobolt EV’s battery modules are cooled via cold plates with a water/glycol mix. The battery circuit uses an AC compressor and condenser, as well as a battery chiller. The limited heat generation – no more than 60 C during a fast charge or performance drive – is influenced by the ultra-low-impedance cell chemistry.

“Despite some OEMs showing fast charge times in the region of 15 minutes, a closer inspection reveals the charge is usually across a limited SOC region, specifically chosen to limit the amount of life taken out of the cell; for instance, 20-80%,” says Nyobolt’s co-founder and CEO, Dr Sai Shivareddy.

“Nyobolt’s low impedance cells ensure we can offer sustainability, stretching out the battery’s usable life for up to 600,000 miles in the case of our technology demonstrator.”

Nyobolt is in talks with eight OEMs about using its technology in high-performance EVs.