Comau and Lina Energy unveil solid-state battery manufacturing system

The design is bespoke to solid-state batteries but can integrate commercially available equipment
(Courtesy of Comau)

Comau and Lina have designed a scalable manufacturing solution for solid-state sodium-metal-chloride batteries. The design allows solid-state sodium battery supplier Lina to automate its battery production process.

Comau and LiNa engineers designed the enclosure and handling equipment for the specific components of solid-state batteries, as well as to identify and integrate commercially available equipment, including Comau’s cleanroom-classified, high-speed Racer-5 articulated robots, into the design.

This approach enabled Comau to suggest modifications to Lina’s existing manufacturing methodology to optimise the process in the move to automatic cell assembly.

Instead of completely replacing lithium-ion batteries, next-generation solid-state sodium cells will provide high-performance energy storage that is cost-efficient and can be optimised for renewable energy integration in key solar growth markets such as India.