Tecman launch successful ATP technology into Europe

(Image courtesy of Tecman)

Tecman, a UK based advanced materials engineering business that supply thermal management technology to leading automotive OEMs, announced plans to launch its ATP technology into Europe on the first day of The Battery Show in Stuttgart last week.

Tecman have a 30 year track record and already supply major OEMs across the world. Their innovative approach to engineering challenges has enabled them to build a reputation that sees many of their products used in leading automotive brands including BMW Mini, VW, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Audi.

One of the company’s most sought after solutions is its Anti-Thermal Propagation (ATP) technology. This ground-breaking thermal cell barrier technology can enhance cell life and optimise performance, while increasing the thermal propagation delay to over 20 minutes.

Tecman’s ATP technology is being used across an entire EV range and they are currently working with several other OEMs to integrate this technology into EV battery packs. The company is now making both the Framed and Encapsulated ATP Pads available directly to European OEMs for the first time.

Framed ATP Pads are an advanced thermal cell barrier that incorporate a physical built-in spacer surrounding the thermal insulation pad, providing optimum space between cells and enabling the mechanical properties of the insulation material to absorb cell expansion. Whereas Framed ATP Pads are most suitable for prismatic battery cells, Encapsulated ATP Pads are designed to provide excellent compression performance for pouch and solid-state battery cells.

This year is the first time Tecman have exhibited at The Battery Show in Stuttgart. Germany is an important market for Tecman, but the company also sees wider European potential as EV adoption grows and the importance of supply chain security climbs the political agenda.

The European expansion strategy, led by the ATP technology, will see Tecman work directly with more OEMs, particularly on thermal management challenges in next generation EVs.

The attractiveness of this solution lies in its customisability and high-volume capacities, made possible by an industry-leading all-in-one process that eliminates the need for third-party pre-conversion. This is a key requirement for many automotive manufacturers as they seek to realise more streamlined supply chains.

Kevin Porter, Managing Director at Tecman, said “The pace of EV adoption is continuing to accelerate, which is leading to even greater demand for innovative solutions to thermal management challenges. We already have a successful strategic partner network in Europe and regularly export our products worldwide, but the time is now right to expand our European presence even further and build more direct relationships both in Germany and the wider EU.”

Tecman also provide die cut EMI shielding components to Siemens and have a network of global relationships in North America and Asia too. The launch of their ATP technology Europe-wide comes off the back of successfully obtaining the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) 16949:2016 accreditation, making the company one of the most highly accredited within the automotive supply chain.