CINERGIA announces the launch of its latest product family: the Rack Series

(Image courtesy of CINERGIA)

CINERGIA Unveils the Rack Series, the most efficient regenerative converters in 19-inch rack format for testing platforms and EOL

“This new lineup of highly efficient converters will set a new standard for regenerative energy testing, offering the ultimate combination of versatility, efficiency and performance,” said Miquel Teixidó, Sales Manager at CINERGIA. “With its compact 19-inch rack format and advanced functionalities, including unique features that will be added to the family, the new Rack Series is poised to redefine the way testing platforms and EOL applications operate”.

The GE AC/DC SiC-RS, the first to arrive

This Grid Simulator 4Q AC&DC leads the way as the inaugural release of the Rack Series family. The series will also incorporate the Electronic Load 4Q AC&DC and the All-Terrain Grid Simulator & Electronic Load 4Q AC&DC.

The GE AC/DC SiC-RS stands out as a Regenerative 4Q AC Grid Simulator, DC Bidirectional (source/sink), Battery Tester, Cycler and Emulator or, PV Panel Emulator, and it has been specifically designed for test applications in the fields of electromobility and charging infrastructures, smart grids, distributed energy resources, aerospace, Power HiL, battery inverter, and energy storage systems.

CINERGIA’s combined know-how condensed in 19”

The Rack Series family sets a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and quality. It offers the highest efficiency in comparison to similar options on the market, a key factor in end-of-production-line testing, resulting in greater energy savings and reduced installation size requirements.