Xerotech and Innolith to bring non-flammable batteries to market

I-State cells can operate from -40 to + 60 ºC
(Courtesy of Xerotech/Innolith)

Xerotech, a battery pack provider for heavy-duty non-road mobile machinery, is teaming up with battery cell developer Innolith to launch what they say are the industry’s first packs for electrifying a range of applications in the ATEX, eVTOL and other sectors where fire safety is paramount.

The collaboration will focus on integrating Innolith’s I-State cell into Xerotech’s Hibernium battery pack platform. The I-State technology uses a proprietary, inorganic electrolyte that is completely non-flammable, even when exposed to extreme temperatures or high levels of stress. That allows the cells to operate at higher voltages than traditional lithium-ion battery cells, and at temperatures from -40 to +60 ºC.

Xerotech plans to start offering I-State battery packs in the coming months, with commercial availability expected in the next year.