Wevo-Chemie prevents leakage during immersion cooling

Direct battery cooling offers crucial advantages for fast charging
(Image courtesy Wevo)

Immersion cooling is an innovative technology being researched as a solution for cooling electric vehicle batteries, but one challenge is the need to prevent leakage. With this in mind, Wevo-Chemie has developed polyurethane-based products especially optimised with respect to their thixotropy.

For a battery to be safe, it must be 100 per cent leak-proof. This mainly concerns the 0.1-0.2 mm gaps that arise when battery cells are inserted into the housing.

Wevo’s new potting compounds and sealants have been designed to seal these gaps permanently, and their thixotropy has been adjusted so they do not flow into the gaps during production of the battery stack. The materials feature great durability for long-term, safe battery operation.

In testing, Wevo’s developers immersed specimens in coolant for several weeks. The level of liquid absorption shown by the materials was barely measurable, which is why the products can be classified as highly resistant to chemicals. This was confirmed by mechanical values such as elongation at break and tensile strength subsequent to immersion testing.

The materials can be optimised for efficient production and the short cycle times required in the automotive industry. To achieve this, the flow properties and pot life are precisely aligned to enable the liquid compound to cure very quickly after potting.