Design and development of dedicated hybrid engines

The electrification of internal combustion engines is widely accepted to be the most effective approach to achieving future vehicle emissions targets for most applications.

The rapid adoption of appropriate, scalable solutions is necessary to meet the fleet average CO2 targets and provide the required performance across various vehicle platforms.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, James Taylor and Dr Mike Bassett of MAHLE Powertrain discuss the opportunities for simplifying and optimising internal combustion engines when coupled with a significant level of powertrain hybridisation. They will also discuss applicable technologies and market trends for such dedicated hybrid engines, and will also present MAHLE’s concept for a highly optimised power unit, which can be seamlessly integrated with a traction motor and generator, as a modular assembly with scalable outputs, to suit a wide range of vehicle configurations.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Hear MAHLE Powertrain’s view on the impact of CO2 and emissions regulations on the development of future passenger car powertrains
  • Understand how the addition of powertrain electrification enables greater vehicle efficiency and enables an alternative technology mix for dedicated hybrid engines
  • Learn about MAHLE Powertrain’s modular hybrid concept, which can be scaled to suit a broad range of vehicles
  • Discover the latest engine technologies and market trends for high efficiency dedicated hybrid engines

Design and development of dedicated hybrid engines