EV Battery Testing – Soup to Nuts II Webinar

Back by popular demand…with a live Q&A session to address new topics and questions around EV battery testing.
The demand on Electric Vehicles (EV) battery development to improve durability, power density, and safety at lower costs is constantly increasing. So are the requirements and extent of testing for performance, function, and aging.
Keysight has comprehensive turn-key battery test solutions that are expandable, efficient, and accurate that also help reduce your operating costs. Using the latest technology and techniques, we cover all stages of the product life cycle from R&D through validation. From cell chemistry to cell formation and cell/module/pack level testing, Keysight has the answer you need.
In this webinar you will learn:
  • Challenges faced in current battery development
  • Defining a cost effective and efficient test environment
  • Comprehensive test solutions and their benefits

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