Volvo Penta in electric tractor tie-up with TICO

TICO’s tractors are used by fleet operators in ports and distribution hubs
(Image courtesy of Volvo Penta)

Volvo Penta has delivered and integrated its electric driveline into the first of a series of prototype fully electric terminal tractors for US customer TICO, who will be testing the prototypes with various fleet partners.

The driveline is based on proven Volvo Group technology tailored to TICO’s application in terms of performance and energy needs. Volvo Penta’s approach of handling the development and installation of the complete electric driveline and its integration into the vehicle has allowed TICO to focus on improving the vehicle’s functionality.

Ports and distribution hubs have highly organised fleets and operations with favourable environments for developing charging infrastructures, as they have well-defined duty cycles. Volvo Penta analysed customer operations and based its electric system on that data and simulations.

It says the benefits of this system to fleet owners are the elimination of fuel costs, reduced maintenance, fewer vehicle stoppages and less need for spare parts

TICO will now collaborate with Volvo Penta over the coming year on building the prototypes. In an iterative process they will be tested, developed, fine-tuned and improved as necessary.