Vibracoustic introduces modular mounts for electric motors

The entire beam acts as a damper
(Images courtesy of Vibracoustic)

NVH products supplier Vibracoustic has unveiled a modular thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) bushing and a polymer beam mount for electric motors in battery EVs.

The beam mount simplifies the mounting of a motor 

The company says they reduce weight and simplify assembly while also meeting OEM requirements for stiffness and isolation performance. Their integration ranges from bushings to a more sophisticated beam mount.

The motor mount bracket’s TPE bushing has double isolation, with the entire part acting as a damper. The mount can be tailored to the desired stiffness by changing the part’s geometry. Vibracoustic says the use of TPE in NVH applications is a new alternative to natural rubber.

The polymer beam structure uses the same TPE bushings and double isolation technology. It provides weight savings of up to 25%, is smaller than comparable alternatives and simplifies assembly. It also has a TPE damper mass integrated into its construction.