New online calibration tool enables access to test benches and test vehicles via web browsers

VEMAC’s OCT enables full remote access to its integrated calibration and data logger functions
(Images courtesy of VEMAC)

VEMAC has developed an online calibration tool (OCT) that allows full remote access to its integrated calibration and data logging functions. The OCT can be connected to a test bench, test vehicle or measurement system via CAN or Ethernet.

It can be accessed via any web browser, eliminating the need for software licences. The user interface allows measurement and calibration data to be recorded, visualised and adjusted from any location.

The interface can also be customised by the system’s administrator, to allow different accesses to be granted to allow collaboration with project partners, customers and research institutions. Data storage and transmission are secured by encryption and admin authorisation via an HTTPS interface.

The OCT’s associated calibration and data logger software are integrated into a case measuring 120 x 120 x 50 mm. This is connected via CAN or Ethernet to the corresponding control unit, test bench or external measuring system that outputs values via one of two types of interface.

For transmitting ECU data via CAN, the CCP and XCP protocols as well as the evaluation of CAN raw data using dbc description files are currently supported, although protocols such as UDS and XCP over Ethernet are in the pipeline.

The OCT has an GNSS chip integrated as standard, which receives position data worldwide, as well as a six-axis acceleration sensor. Via CAN and Ethernet, it is possible to read out and calibrate ECUs or measuring modules – for temperature and pressure measurements, for example – and to connect other sensors, such as radar, Lidar and cameras, as well as measure DC and voltage levels.

The OCT also includes an SD card slot, allowing memory to be expanded as required. Data exchange is via USB interfaces.

The OCT connects to a test bench, test vehicle or measurement system via CAN or Ethernet. It can be accessed via any web browser

As a simple data logger with an automated calibration function, the OCT can also be operated without a permanent network-based or local connection. The comms between the OCT and the end-device can take place over Ethernet, integrated WLAN or mobile radio, which can be set up using a 4G or 5G USB adapter.

The OCT allows an unlimited number of different user profiles to be created, which in turn are assigned the roles of administrator, user and viewer.

Administrator rights can be given to one or more people who are responsible for the complete administration of the application. Someone at the user level though can edit the data of the calibration and recording functions to only a limited extent, while a viewer cannot operate more than one interface defined by the administrator.

The user category is suitable for live demonstrations of calibration processes for people such as customers or for teaching purposes, as well as for operating terminals of test benches and laboratory equipment.

The OCT’s software also differs from conventional calibration programmes in that it has open interfaces, which customers can design themselves. VEMAC is also developing a cloud connection, to enable the OCT to transmit status values in the vehicle such as location data, fuel consumption, oil level or fault memory in real time to help with fleet management and remote maintenance.