Top spot for anode material

Paraclete Energy, which makes high capacity, surface-modified silicon nanoparticles for use in battery applications, recently released its SMSilicon/3590, the highest capacity, cycle-stable, validated anode material yet brought to market.

It is aimed at anode material companies as a graphite precursor, and lithium-ion battery manufacturers who want to improve capacity without compromising cycle stability.

According to Paraclete, there is a shortage of high-capacity anode materials in the industry. The material used in commercial batteries offers 450 mAh/g, whereas SM-Silicon/3590 has a capacity of 3590 mAh/g, a First Cycle Efficiency of 93% and a tap density similar to graphite.

It is also up to five times less expensive than currently available silicon-graphite composites. Paraclete has promised E-Mobility Engineering further data on the material’s performance and this will be reported on in future issues.