The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe welcomes industry leaders

(Image courtesy of Informa Markets)

The Battery Show Europe and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe, held at the Messe Stuttgart, Germany, has unveiled its comprehensive Conference agenda, spanning three days of sessions. These sessions will spotlight key topics driving the European advanced battery and H/EV industry forward.

The agenda covers regulatory insights, EV charging capabilities, sustainable manufacturing, next-gen materials, battery safety, and other subjects crucial for industry growth. With over 37 hours of content spread across three tracks, the conference will showcase industry innovation and set the course for the sector’s future.

EV-focused sessions will feature Yann Vincent, CEO of Automotive Cells Company (ACC), discussing the company’s role in reshaping the electric and hybrid vehicle landscape. Dr. James Widmer, CEO of Advanced Electric Machines, will delve into advancements in high-performance e-axle solutions.

Battery-focused talks will include speakers such as Benoit Lemaignan, Co-Founder and CEO of Verkor, and Sebastian Wolf, COO of Powerco, addressing challenges and opportunities in European cell manufacturing. Topics like Sodium-Ion Batteries in Automotive and Market Trends and Challenges will also be explored.

Rob Shelton, Event Director, highlights the deliberate selection of speakers to offer insights from battery, automotive, and sustainability experts. The event aims to fuel business strategies, emphasizing Europe’s role and potential in the Battery and EV market.

Featuring over 100 industry-leading speakers, the conference schedule is now live, crafted with input from an Advisory Committee comprising engineers, industry leaders, and innovators to provide comprehensive battery and H/EV education.