Technical Services joins hydrogen fuel cell vehicle project

Project leader ULEMCo specialises in converting commercial vehicles to run on hydrogen
(Courtesy of ULEMCo)

Technical Services (UK) has been announced as an approved partner of Hyer Power, a project led by hydrogen commercial vehicle conversion company ULEMCo to develop a hydrogen fuel cell (FC) range extender for electric service vehicles. Its role will be to develop a cooling system for the extender.

The extender will be based on proven technology from the Toyota Mirai, and the aim of the project will be to show how zero-emissions vehicles can be used in a range of specialised settings. Technical Services will first gather data to understand the duty cycles of each vehicle type, which will include an ambulance, a fire engine and a road sweeper.

Funding for the Hyer Power Project has been awarded through the Advanced Propulsion Centre Collaborative Research and Development programme, to support the building of an end-to-end supply chain for zero-emissions vehicles in the UK. £3.9 million of the project’s investment comes from the UK government, backed by a further £3.9 million from the automobile industry.