Siemens enables simultaneous fast charging of four EVs

Siemens expands EV charging portfolio with launch of 400kW SICHARGE D for IEC market
(Image courtesy of Siemens)

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has rolled out an additional variant of its SICHARGE D electric vehicle (EV) fast charger, with a maximum output of 400 kW.
Designed for future-proof EV charging, the SICHARGE D dispenser enables up to four vehicles to be charged at the same time with only one grid connection, optimising times for customers, and delivering cost and space savings for charge point operators (CPOs).
Markus Mildner, CEO of e-mobility at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, said: “The broad adoption of e-mobility is a necessity for a more sustainable future. Reduced charging times for e-cars and e-trucks, especially enroute, will play a pivotal role in increasing convenience and acceptance of this type of transportation. SICHARGE D is a great milestone in achieving this.”
SICHARGE D is suitable for various uses, including destination charging, public fast charging and highway charging. It can offer a continuous, stable power output of 400 kW at 40 C ambient temperature.
It features a multi-language touchscreen with an intuitive user interface, and cable management at both the charger and the dispenser for easy cable handling. The touch display offers different advertising options, and a variety of payment terminals can be integrated to match the CPO payment partner.