Schaffner’s new EMC solution for residential EV charging stations

The RV series of chokes have a power rating of up to 30 kW and current ratings of 16-50 A
(Courtesy of Schaffner)

EMC systems developer Schaffner has announced a new series of RF chokes, which it says allow designers of residential EV charging stations to cut the cost of complying with regulations by selecting a choke that reduces noise to just below regulatory limits.

The RV series offers a choice between ferrite (RV8140 and RV8540) and nanocrystalline (RV8141 and RV8541) core technology. Their four windings are typically installed as three phases and neutral. For DC applications on the vehicle side the same choke is used – two windings are connected in series.

They are rated at up to 30 kW with currents from 16 to 50 A per phase at 60 ºC ambient temperature. Each current rating comes with eight performance/size options, four of them designed for vertical mounting and four for horizontal.

In terms of certification, the RV series complies with UL/IEC 60938-1/-2 and UL 1446.