Powered by Everrati reveals growth for luxury vehicle business

The brand enables B2B clients to bring almost any type of specialist electric vehicle (EV) to life quickly
(Image courtesy of Everrati)

The ‘Powered by Everrati’ business-to-business (B2B) division has announced significant growth with the signing of multiple electrification agreements with global specialist and luxury vehicle brands.

The brand enables B2B clients to bring almost any type of specialist electric vehicle (EV) to life quickly.

Leveraging its flexible, scalable premium electric powertrain and software technologies, Powered by Everrati offers a turnkey solution for a global customer base.

The company says its deployment of cutting-edge powertrain products reduces concept-to-certification and launch times, risk and overall costs, while delivering access to high-performance component packages.

Clients gain access to Everrati’s in-house developed, flexible Vehicle Control Unit architecture, reducing the cost of new EV programmes by up to 70%.

Everrati’s founder and CEO, Justin Lunny, said: “Our pipeline is brimming with opportunities as specialist and luxury brands, low-volume manufacturers, and OEM classic divisions wishing to bring their heritage into the future seek to swiftly create new – or electrify existing – vehicles.

“Sector-leading tech and quality expertise is backed by Everrati’s proven integration and applications experience of DC fast charging, battery design and packaging, functional safety, vehicle systems integration and user interface development.”

The company has developed strategic partnerships with leading Tier 1 suppliers across battery, inverter, transmission and e-motor technologies, bringing together the best in EV components and Everrati’s innovations under one roof.

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