Operando test cell from EL-CELL

The PAT-Cell-Force is an operando test cell in EL-CELL’s PAT series for adjusting and measuring the mechanical force applied to a cell stack. Its wide range of forces makes it suitable for aprotic lithium-ion chemistries with liquid electrolytes as well as solid-state batteries.

It allows the force on a cell stack to be set to between 0 and 1500 N (0-5.9 MPa at 18 mm electrode diameter) when assembling the cell and then monitored during the electrochemical cycle. Additional sensors allow for the simultaneous monitoring of gas pressure and temperature.

The modular PAT-Core concept allows easy handling, and enables three-electrode measurements with a ring-shaped reference electrode when using liquid electrolytes.

The PAT-Cell-Force is designed to be operated with an EL-CELL potentiostat such as the PAT-Tester-x. All sensor signals are recorded and displayed in EL-Software. It is sealed using welded-in sensors and glass-to-metal sealed electrode feedthroughs to enable stable long-term measurements.

The PAT-Cell-Force is equipped with an electronic cell tag (PAT-Button) for automatic recognition in EL-Software, and cableless connection via PAT socket. It is expected to be available this August.

The PAT-Cell-Force can measure the force on a test cell, and monitor gas pressure and temperature
(Courtesy of EL-CELL)