New electric pump drive for low-voltage systems

Omni Powertrain Technologies has released details about its new electrohydraulic pump combination. The unit was developed for low-voltage mobile applications, and is said to be ideally suited to the needs of hybrid equipment builders facing spatial constraints. 

The system includes a Flo-Torq gear pump packaged with an axial flux motor and controller from Omni’s Magelec subsidiary. The overall package length of 299.7 mm (11.8 in) offers equipment designers a compact form to power electrohydraulic traction and auxiliary functions.

Featuring a Magelec M17 air-cooled motor with an SAE B mount connection, the complete package weighs 17.6 kg (38.8 lb). The 48 V system is rated for 46 litres per minute of continuous flow with a peak pressure rating of 250 bar. 

Other pump and motor combinations are available on request. 

The pump combination has been designed for space-constrained hybrid equipment
(Image courtesy of Omni Power Technologies)