Modular plug-and-play rectifier

(Image courtesy of OmniOn Power)

OmniOn Power has developed a modular 30 kW rectifier in a 19 in rack format to build EV fast chargers (writes Nick Flaherty).

The EV100H3NK and EV101H3N1K AC-DC variants of the rectifier design have efficiencies of up to 96% and integrate CAN automotive comms protocols. Up to 12 rectifiers can be used in parallel in a 19 in rack to build fast-charging 360 kW systems quickly and easily. 

The rectifier modules are designed with plug-and-play connectivity, allowing units to be quickly swapped out when servicing to minimise downtime. Remote firmware download supports field upgrades.

The basic rectifier design measures 13.23 in wide, 3.3 in high and 17.25 in deep for 19 in rack mounting, and uses a 480 V three-phase input. The DC output for fast-charging systems has an adjustable output range of 50-1000 VDC that can be set by the host charger. 

The EV101H3N1K adds a discrete emergency power-off circuit for added safety. This enables the rectifier to comply with local or regional requirements for safety that require an electromechanical energy disconnect for rapid shutdown in case of an emergency. 

“Two of the commonly mentioned challenges to widespread EV adoption are the time required for charging and the uptime, or availability, of charging infrastructure,” said Gopal Mitra, industrial segment leader for OmniOn Power. “Consumers want to know that a fast charger is going to be available and fast when they drive up to it. Using highly reliable, high-capacity power supplies as the building blocks for next-generation EV chargers will help to address these issues.”