Magna’s 48 V hybrid transmission system adopted by Stellantis

Magna’s 48 V hybrid transmission has been fitted to the Jeep Renegade, Compass e-Hybrid, Fiat 500 X and Tipo, the first models from Stellantis to be equipped with the system. The transmission is said to offer improved driving dynamics due to electric torque vectoring and traction support.

Magna says the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission provides a maximum torque of 320 Nm and uses torque-split technology to optimise the efficiencies of the IC engine and the e-motor. The transmission features independent on-demand cooling for the clutch and e-motor with a single oil circuit for cooling and lubrication, resulting in significant CO2 reductions in WLTC and real-world driving, it adds.

Magna is producing the transmission at its division in Kechnec, Slovakia. Further 48 V hybrid transmissions are expected to be adopted in other Stellantis models in the future.

The dual-clutch transmission has a torque rating of 320 Nm
(Courtesy of Magna)