Lotus launches EV charging solutions

Liquid cooling of the chargers and cabinets enables Lotus to provide DC charging of up to 450 kW (Courtesy of Lotus)

Lotus has launched its own EV charging solutions including an ultra-fast DC charger, power cabinet and a modular unit for charging up to four vehicles at once.

The EV charging solutions include a liquid-cooled all-in-one DC charger that offers charging of up to 450 kW. For example, with the Lotus Eletre R, it can add up to 88.5 miles or 142 km of range after about 5 minutes of charge. A 10-80% charge can be achieved in 20 minutes to give a range extension of 74 miles or 120 km from a 5 minute charge.

The systems are also installed in liquid-cooled power cabinets, and have a modular design suited for spaces that require high energy and to minimise charging time, such as motorway rest stops. It offers power output capabilities of up to 480 kW.  

The liquid-cooled charging unit, when used with the power cabinet, can charge up to four vehicles at once. It has a maximum output of 600 A.

The first systems are expected to roll out across most European countries and the Middle East later next year.

In 2018, Lotus announced its plan to transform the brand from a British sportscar maker to an all-electric global luxury technology brand by 2028. As part of this, it launched its first electric hyper-SUV, the Eletre, in 2022, with customer deliveries across UK, Europe and China taking place this year. It also launched the Emeya, its next-generation electric hyper-GT, in early September last year.