Juice Technology rolls out bi-directional AC charging station

(Image courtesy of Juice Technology)

Bi-directional AC charging stations are expensive, so their development has been slow. The solutions that are available are often unwieldy and require additional devices such as dongles or adapters. They are also usually limited to specific applications.

Juice Technology, a manufacturer of charging stations and software, has developed an affordable solution based on its globally available Juice Booster. In addition to plug adapters, users can connect socket adapters.

The company aims to develop a comprehensive, future-proof and cost-effective solution that covers all uni-directional and bi-directional charging scenarios with a single device that can be used as a mobile charging station. Development is ongoing.

“Our goal is to combine all functions into one device,” says Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology. “Partnerships are essential to the development of our two-way solution; in particular, how stored energy will be fed back into the grid. We want to get more players on board to work with OEMs and energy suppliers to develop new standards and norms.”