Ionic Mineral Technologies unveils nano-silicon product for lithium-ion cell manufacturers

Ionisil is said to be able to increase anode capacity by more than 100%
(Courtesy of Ionic Mineral Technologies)

Ionic Mineral Technologies (Ionic MT) has launched its Generation 1 Ionisil nano-silicon product for lithium-ion cell manufacturers. It is designed as a drop-in solution for batteries that need high energy density and fast charging.

Independently validated by OEM EV production labs, it shows an all-silicon battery’s capability to achieve a reversible capacity of 2700 mAh/g and 2500 mAh/g at a 2000 mAh fast charging rate in half-cell testing. The initial coulombic efficiency (ICE) of 85% is achieved without any prelithiation, and this silicon electrode was produced from an aqueous slurry.

Tests of electrodes that blend Ionisil with graphite showed that a 15% Ionisil substitution in a water-based CMC/SBR binder system achieves 91% ICE and a 740 mAh/g stable capacity, which Ionic MT says is more than double the capacity of a pure graphite anode. It adds that the technology can increase the capacity at the anode level by more than 100% compared to graphite batteries.

In commercial applications it is expected that this 15% substitution will lead to a lithium-ion battery with 20% more capacity. In addition, Ionic MT says, Ionisil will add zero cost per unit of capacity to existing batteries.

Based on phase 1 drilling of its Halloysite Hills deposit in Utah, Ionic MT says its initial reserves are capable of producing over 600,000 t of finished nano-silicon over the life of the mine, equivalent to 4.5 million metric tons of synthetic graphite. The deposit will be able to supply 50 million new EVs.

Moving to a new facility in September this year will enable the company to begin commercial-scale nano-silicon production, initially of 2000 t per year and rising to 30,000 t.