Impact announces bespoke batteries for Alexander Dennis e-buses

The batteries are mounted inside the chassis or under the stairs, depending on the model of bus
(Courtesy of Impact Clean Power Technology)

Impact Clean Power Technology has unveiled battery systems tailored to the next generation of Alexander Dennis buses, the Enviro100EV and the double-decker Enviro400EV. Production of both vehicles has already stared, with deliveries to customers in the UK and Ireland planned for early next year.

The 400EV will come with 472 kWh batteries as standard, with an option for 354 kWh. In the 100EV, the batteries will have capacities of 236 or 354 kWh.

Both vehicles can be used for urban or intercity transport. The 400EV can carry up to 98 passengers on a single charge for 260 miles. The 100EV can carry up to 45 people over 285 miles.

The 100EV’s batteries are mounted inside the chassis and at the rear; in the Enviro400EV they are under the stairs. The floor-mounted packs are not attached directly to the chassis, to protect them from external loads resulting from twisting motions and impacts.

The packs and their interfaces with the buses have been standardised, so if new and more advanced batteries are needed during the vehicle’s life, they can be fitted without the need for vehicle modifications. To that end, Impact is now planning the next generation of NMC batteries for Alexander Dennis, the aim being to extend the operational range of the next-generation 100EVs and 400EVs