Hydrogen Vehicle Systems gears up to launch goods truck

The HVS truck, due to be unveiled soon, will have a range of 370 miles

(Courtesy of HVS)

Hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle manufacturer Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has confirmed that its zero-emissions hydrogen-electric heavy goods vehicle (HGV) will have a range of up to 370 miles/600 km (depending on load and route) coupled with a refuelling time of 15-20 minutes.

It will be revealed at the Commercial Vehicle show on April 18 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, in the form of an HGV articulated tractor unit. Its powertrain uses a fuel cell and energy storage to deploy electricity to an electric motor to transmit power to the wheels. It also has a kinetic energy recovery system for recapturing energy under braking and while the truck is slowing down.