Herrmann Ultraschall boosts power of welding

Ultrasonic wire welding with ULTRASAFE
(Image courtesy of Herrmann Ulstraschall)

With the Ultrasonic Power Stack 12.000, Herrmann Ultraschall has developed an expansion for the ULTRASAFE W welding machine, which increases its power while reducing cycle times.

This increases the maximum welding force of the machine to 10,000 newtons, so even high-voltage cables with cross-sections of up to 150 mm² can be welded reliably.

The integrated ultrasonic converter enables fast production cycles of only a few seconds. Thanks to its new architecture, it ensures stable welding processes even at high capacity in continuous operation, without the need for cooling times.

The Ultrasonic Power Stack 12.000 is designed for modular integration with ULTRASAFE W welding machines, expanding their capabilities for a wider range of applications.

Swapping out the tools is simple and fast, and it allows the welding of various cable and sheet thicknesses on the same machine. The innovative clamping system ensures automatic and precise alignment after each changeover.

The modern design of the ultrasonic welding machine ensures user-friendly operation. The mobile, safety lift door with a large viewing window can be raised completely, opening up a generous operating range. This facilitates access to the machine and speeds up loading, intervention and cleaning. A height-adjustable worktable also supports ergonomic working.