Freudenberg powers up XRANGETM battery pack for buses and trucks

(Image courtesy of Freudenberg e-Power Systems)

Freudenberg e-Power Systems (FEPS) launched its XRANGETM battery pack for the electrification of trucks and buses at the Busworld Europe and APTA Expo tradeshows last year.

The pack is designed to power a variety of medium to heavy-duty vehicles, ranging from school and long-haul transit buses to medium-duty trucks, mining and construction applications. Long-term performance and robustness are key characteristics.

“The properties of our XRANGETM battery pack make them particularly suitable for use in commercial vehicles. In a commercial vehicle, for example, the battery has to withstand a much higher energy throughput, which can be up to 11 times that of a passenger car,” says Lisa McKenzie, president and general manager for the battery power systems unit at FEPS.

“We are offering our customers in the truck and bus sector fully engineered energy storage solutions, including intelligent battery management systems, cooling, telematics and all other relevant elements.”

FEPS will produce the pack in a state-of the art factory with a scalable capacity up to 6 GWh.

In 2023, FEPS signed a long-term contract with LG Energy Systems for the supply of lithium-ion battery cells. XRANGETM combines these with FEPS’s battery management system, thermal management and enhanced safety features, making it a state-of-the-art solution for heavy duty applications.

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