Electrofit unveils next-gen control unit for niche vehicles

(Image courtesy of Electrofit)

Electrofit has added the EFV4 to its lineup of vehicle control units.

The EFV4 offers a cost-effective, powerful and highly configurable platform, making it ideal for small-volume and niche vehicle electrification projects.

Built with modern automotive and industrial-grade components, the EFV4 features an automotive processor capable of meeting ASIL B rating, ensuring fail-safe operation even in the most demanding environments.

Its flexibility allows for seamless integration with various torque strategies, control of multiple IOs and peripherals, and consolidation of other ECUs on multiple CAN networks within the vehicle, providing a centralised point of control.

“Our goal is to give our customers the tools to bring their electrification projects to life efficiently and reliably. The EFV4 embodies our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Andy Simner, sales director at Electrofit.