Eaton introduces 3-in-1 battery pack vent valve for EVs

Eaton’s 3-in-1 valve is designed to meet specific opening pressures and optimise venting
(Courtesy of Eaton)

Power management company Eaton has announced that its eMobility business has introduced a 3-in-1 battery pack vent valve for EV batteries. The valve includes a battery case leak-check mechanism, as well as passive and active venting to provide overpressure relief for a vehicle’s battery pack.

Eaton says the leak-check feature eliminates the need to install the valve as the final step of the battery assembly process, which is the standard in today’s EV architectures.

Leak testing with the valve is more thorough than traditional methods, as it includes testing the sealing surface of the vent itself when the valve is already assembled. Eaton has also developed a tool for its customers to actuate the leak-check mechanism on their assembly lines, allowing testing through pressurisation or a vacuum.

The valve is designed to be set to different opening pressures and optimise venting. Its spring-based actuation allows Eaton to accommodate those pressure requirements with the same valve design.

The valve’s resealing technology enables manufacturers to specify very low opening pressures. The valve also features a low-flow breathing mode that allows air to move through porous material to normalise pressure during regular operation.