EA Elektro-Automatik introduces series of programmable DC power products

EA Elektro-Automatik’s 10000 series offer power ranges of 0-600 W and 0-30 kW
(Courtesy of EA Elektro-Automatik)

EA Elektro-Automatik, which makes DC power supplies for r&d and manufacturing, has introduced a series of EA-PS and EA-PSI programmable DC power supplies, EA-PSB bidirectional DC power supplies, and EA-ELR regenerative DC electronic loads.

The 10000 series consists of more than 180 new models offering power ranges of 0-600 W and 0-30 kW. They provide extended voltages from 0-10 V to 0-2000 V, and output currents up to 1000 A.

Every 10000-series supply operates on the same firmware and has the same touchscreen user interface. Their physical layout is the same as the earlier 9000 series, and they all have similar input and output characteristics.

The 10000 series use an auto-ranging output (or input for an electronic load) characteristic. Auto-ranging gives the instruments a higher voltage capability at lower currents and a higher current capability at lower voltages than a power supply or load with a conventional rectangular output/input characteristic.

An auto-ranging output/input can also deliver or accept a full-power output over a major portion of the instruments’ operating range, in contrast to one with a rectangular output characteristic that has maximum power only at its maximum voltage and current.

The EA-PSI and EA-PSB supplies, and EA-ELR loads, have a built-in function generator to allow the creation of complex signals riding on a DC bias and to simulate the characteristics of devices such as solar cells, batteries and fuel cells.

Built-in functions enable maximum power point tracking and EN 50530 for testing solar panel inverters, and LV123-, LV124- and LV148-standard based test sequences for testing automotive components and systems. The functions simplify the tasks of programming the instrument to simulate various devices and create sequences of outputs (or inputs) to comply with key test standards.

Every model in the 10000 series uses active power factor correction, typically 0.99, to minimise the power drawn from the power grid. Also, the EA-PSB supplies and EA-ELR loads use regenerative circuitry to return energy back to the grid with up to greater than 96% efficiency.

The 10000 series work in PC-controlled test systems or PLC-controlled industrial processes. Engineers can program the instruments using SCPI or ModBus. PC interfaces include Ethernet, USB, and RS-232, while PLC interfaces include CAN Bus, Profibus, ModBus, Profinet and EtherCat, among several other interface options.

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