CSM launches split HV measurement modules for confined spaces

Left to right: HV SBM_I open for measurements in busbars, HV SBM for measurements in HV power cables and HV SAM 1.1
(Images courtesy of CSM)

CSM has unveiled its latest measurement technology solution for electric and hybrid vehicles where installation space is limited. Called the HV Breakout Module (BM) Split system, it provides high-frequency measurement of current, voltage and power directly in HV power cables as well as busbars.

The split design allow measurements at points where there is not enough space for the CSM’s proven HV Breakout Modules. Current and voltage sensors (HV SBMs – Split Breakout Modules) are connected to the Split Acquisition Module (HV SAM) via shielded, HV-safe sensor cables. This allows for distributed installation in test vehicles, even between vehicle components, in cable ducts and inside components such as e-axles or HV batteries.

The current sensors measure currents via customer-selected shunt modules (available in measuring ranges from ±10 A to ±2000 A) and are equipped with a sensor and memory for automatic online temperature compensation. In addition, the voltage tap HV- is located in the compact measurement module.

Left to right: current and voltage measurement with HV BM Split Modules between vehicle components, HV SAM 1.1 with connected HV SBM_I, and HV SBM_U

The current sensors are available in different versions:

  • HV SBM_I, for connecting to the HV cable via cable glands and ring terminals (also available as a customised plug-and-play solution with connectors)
  • HV SBM_I C, for connecting HV cables with the Amphenol PL300/PL500 connector system
  • HV SBM_I open, as pure encapsulated shunt module without housing for direct installation, for example in busbars.

The voltage is tapped using variants of the HV SBM, which are also connected via ring terminals, a Pl300/PL500 connector system or an HV-safe sensor cable. The modules measure voltages up to ±1000 V, with the measuring range dimensioned up to ±2000 V.

The HV SBMs (except for the HV SBM_I open variant) are designed as robust and safely encapsulated housings, to ensure HV safety for components and users as per EN61010:1-2010.

 The HV SAM 1.1 measurement module for single-phase measurements acquires the current and voltage data of the connected HV SBM and transmits the date at up to 1 MHz via an EtherCAT network or at lower speeds over CAN bus. Optionally, the HV SAM 1.1 also calculates the RMS values of current and voltage, active, apparent and reactive power as well as phase angle and outputs these values via CAN.

Current and voltage measurement in an HV battery with HV SBM_I open for current measurement in a busbar and voltage tapping via an HV-safe sensor cable