Coherent announces integration of laser welding head vision system for EV battery and motor manufacturing

The HIGHvision system recognises misalignments and orientation of a part and corrects the programmed seam position. It can recognise features including prismatic, cylindrical and pouch cells
(Images courtesy of Coherent)

Coherent has unveiled HIGHvision, a machine vision system for laser-welding heads that it says greatly improves the efficiency of manufacturing EV batteries and motors.

HIGHvision is a turnkey system consisting of machine vision hardware and software that enables laser welding heads to align to software-defined features on the workpiece in milliseconds and with high accuracy. Coherent says it greatly accelerates welding throughput.

The stator hairpin detection package enables automatic position detection and correction of hairpins in a few milliseconds

The laser-welding heads have been designed around an embedded vision system architecture. They can be seamlessly integrated with Coherent’s HighLight FL-ARM lasers, providing an all-in-one solution to optimise welding process parameters.

HIGHvision includes a library of processing applications, including welding battery busbar, tab and can-cap assemblies, as well as electric motor stator hairpins. It is available as an option for the HIGHmotion 2D and RLSK remote laser-welding heads. The library of applications will continue to be developed, and will include AI-assisted algorithms.