brandgroup launched first product range for e-mobility

(Image courtesy of brandgroup)

German family-owned company brandgroup has entered into the e-mobility market with a new product range and flexible production service. The new product range from brandgroup offers a wide range of solutions for various applications in the field of electromobility. From powerful electric motors to efficient power distribution systems, the range covers all the essential components of bent wire parts required for the development of high-quality e-drives. Putting its long-standing expertise in the wire forming of springs, assemblies and bending components to new use, it now offers customized and made-to-order HV-busbars, hairpins, I-Pins and Axialflux-motor coils for EVs.

brandgroup is a leading metal bending manufacturer and currently has the world’s first system for bending PA12-coated copper or aluminium cross-sections up to a size of 300 mm². It has adapted this technology for the manufacture of aluminium busbars, enabling the replacement of conventional approaches with a far more cost-effective solution.

Rigid aluminium HV-busbars also had a high potential for the use as DC+/DC- conductors at the charge port to the battery in an electric vehicle. Due to the very good heat dissipation of the rectangular cross section, HV aluminium busbars are one important point to realised DC fast charging solutions on electrical vehicles.

The company’s technology also lends itself to the manufacture of hairpins and I-pins for stators in EV traction motors. This form of innovative winding technology offers higher efficiency and performance compared to other winding methods, with space savings, weight, mass and cost reductions.

brandgroup´s plug-in coils are typically made of bent and isolated flat copper wires in U-shapes and brandgroup’s flexible technology enables damage-free processing of all common enamelled copper wires with a high number of variants. This realises the production of different hairpin designs with a constant material cross-section.

For safe removal of the coating layers at the end of the pins, brandgroup’s manufacturing technology is equipped with an integrated system for mechanical stripping, guaranteeing optimally prepared copper wire ends and enabling safe contacting in the further process sequence.

This innovative manufacturing approach is particularly well suited to the production of small and medium-sized batches and offers customers the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of hairpin technology at short notice, without having to make their own high investments in equipment.

The product range also includes the production of bending parts based on copper lacquer, such as for stator connection assemblies (SABG) or coils and windings bent on the edge for use in axial flux motors. Depending on the application, the various parts can also be further refined, for example by a surface coating.

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